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Shocking Study May Rewrite American History

Apr 26, 2017

A newly-published paper from paleontologists working out of San Diego suggests that humans may have resided in California as far back as 130,000 years ago!

Scientist Argues for 'Ancient Aliens'

Apr 25, 2017

An astronomer at Penn State has put forward a remarkable hypothesis that should sound familiar to UFO enthusiasts and ancient alien advocates.

Video: Are Handbags Found in Ancient Art an Homage to Aliens?

Mar 20, 2017

The preponderance of handbags depicted in artwork throughout the ages has some paranormal researchers wondering if there may be more than meets the eye with the odd motif.

'Pyramid Tomb' Found in China

Mar 15, 2017

A construction project in a China yielded a surprising find as archaeologists uncovered a pyramid-shaped tomb believed to be thousands of years old.

Giant Ancient Statue Found in Cairo

Mar 10, 2017

An incredible 3,000-year-old statue was found hiding in plain sight in one of Cairo's impoverished neighborhoods.

Battle Erupts Over Fossil Auction

Mar 1, 2017

Plans to auction an enormous plesiosaur skeleton in Paris have been met with outrage from geologists in Morocco who believe that the ancient belongs to their country.

Tully Monster Mystery Rekindled

Feb 20, 2017

Thought to have been solved last year, the mystery surrounding Illinois' vexing 'Tully Monster' appears to be renewed thanks to a new study on the infamous fossilized creature.

Hundreds of Ancient Amazon Geoglyphs Discovered

Feb 8, 2017

An astounding study on mysterious geoglyphs found in the Amazon jungle has uncovered more than 450 such ancient monuments located there and reveals new insights into how the earthworks were created.

Strange Creature Dubbed Human's 'Oldest Ancestor'

Jan 31, 2017

Researchers studying the fossilized remains of tiny, ancient creatures believe they have found the oldest ancestor to the human species and it is rather repugnant.

John Anthony West Battling Cancer

Jan 24, 2017

Egyptologist John Anthony West is fighting cancer, and a Fundly campaign has been set up to help with the costs.

Stonehenge Tunnel Plan Approved

Jan 12, 2017

The British government is moving ahead with a highly controversial plan to build a tunnel under Stonehenge in order to ease traffic around the ancient monument.

2016 Yields Fascinating Archaeological Finds

Dec 26, 2016

This past year has offered up many surprising and amazing discoveries in the archaeological arena.

Dowsing Dad Finds Ice Age Animal

Dec 9, 2016

A California man teaching his son the esoteric art of dowsing discovered the remains of an animal that experts say could be from the planet's last ice age!

Ancient 'Thinker' Statue Discovered

Nov 23, 2016

An amazing clay figurine unearthed by archaeologists in Israel bears a striking resemblance to the iconic Rodin statue 'The Thinker.'

Major Discovery Made Near Stonehenge

Nov 21, 2016

Archaeologists have unearthed the remnants of a massive ancient complex close to Stonehenge that actually predates the mysterious monument by 1,000 years!

Video: First-Ever Fossilized Dinosaur Brain Found

Oct 27, 2016

An unassuming brown stone discovered by a fossil hunter over a decade ago has been determined to be the first fossilized piece of dinosaur brain tissue ever found.

Video: Two New Chambers Found in Great Pyramid?

Oct 18, 2016

A team of researchers believe they have discovered two previously-unknown chambers inside the legendary Great Pyramid of Giza.

Surprising Origin Suggested for Terracotta Army

Oct 13, 2016

Remarkable new research into China's famed Terracotta Army reveals that the ancient Greeks may have had a hand in the creation of the amazing collection of clay statues.

Iraqi Official Claims Airport Was Once an ET Base!

Oct 5, 2016

At the opening of a new airport in Iraq, the country's Minister of Transportation claimed that ancient aliens once used the same location for their spaceships!

Massive Dinosaur Footprint Found in Mongolia

Oct 2, 2016

Archaeologists working in Mongolia's Gobi Desert have discovered an enormous fossilized dinosaur footprint that is nearly the size of a person!

Knapp's News 9/25/16

Sep 25, 2016

George Knapp shares some items that have recently caught his attention, including a story on recent troubles at the Skinwalker Ranch.

Scottish Musician is Maestro of Ancient Rock Art

Sep 22, 2016

By discovering hundreds of ancient stone carvings found throughout his home country, a musician in Scotland has found unlikely stardom in a different 'genre' of rock.

Ancient Skeleton Found at Antikythera Shipwreck

Sep 19, 2016

Divers studying the shipwreck which yielded the mysterious Antikythera mechanism have discovered an astounding 2,000-year-old skeleton aboard the vessel.

Video: Incredible Fossil Contains Ancient Food Chain

Sep 8, 2016

An amazing fossil unearthed in Germany contains a remarkable look at an ancient food chain featuring a snake, a lizard, and a beetle!

Video: Ancient Hand Grenade Unveiled in Israel

Aug 27, 2016

The Israeli Antiquities Authority have unveiled a remarkable 700-year-old hand grenade as part of a showcase of artifacts recovered from the sea.

Evidence Found for China's Ancient Megaflood

Aug 4, 2016

Scientists have just found evidence for an ancient megaflood in China that previously was thought to be more of a mythic tale.

Video: Egypt Displays 'Diary' of Pyramid Maker

Jul 18, 2016

A new exhibition at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo showcases ancient pieces of papyrus containing the writings of an official in charge of constructing the Great Pyramid.

Watch: Climber Infiltrates Roman Colosseum

Jul 9, 2016

A climber from Germany added an epic achievement to his list of accomplishments by breaking into the Roman Colosseum and exploring it in the dead of night.

Alcohol Ban Dampens Stonehenge Celebration

Jun 22, 2016

Attendance at the annual summer solstice celebration at Stonehenge plummeted this year following new regulations aimed at curbing unruly behavior.

Knapp's News 6/19/16

Jun 19, 2016

George Knapp shares some items that have recently caught his attention, including a history of magical flying carpets.

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