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Tourists Snap Photo of Nessie?

9 hours ago

A pair of tourists from Australia had the ultimate Loch Ness experience when they seemingly spotted the legendary monster said to lurk there.

Category: Creatures, Myths & Legends
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Cops Encounter 'Alien' in Georgia

During an otherwise routine traffic stop, police officers in the Georgia city of Alpharetta were surprised to discover an 'alien' riding shotgun in a car they had just pulled over.

Over 150 Sheep Killed by 'Mystery Creature' in India

A strange hysteria has gripped a village in India following a slew of sheep deaths that have been blamed on a 'mystery creature.'

Live Chat with Bill Birnes

Our Live Chat for Coast Insiders is this Wednesday night with author William J. Birnes.

George's New Book is Here!

George Noory's new non-fiction book "Mad as Hell" debuts this Tuesday.

Video: Anonymous Claims NASA Will Announce ET Discovery Soon

A group purportedly affiliated with the hacktivist collective known as 'Anonymous' claims that NASA will soon announce the discovery of intelligent alien life, but not everyone is convinced of the video's veracity.

FBI Joins the Hunt for TX 'Bigfoot'

The Texas city claiming to have Bigfoot lurking in its parks is allegedly getting some help in the search for the famed cryptid via the FBI, but perhaps they have taken the tale a bit too far.

RIP Joyce Riley

Registered nurse, advocate for Gulf War veterans, and longtime C2C guest Joyce Riley has passed away.

'World's Ugliest Dog' for 2017 is Crowned

A Neapolitan Mastiff named Martha bested thirteen other competitors on Saturday to take home the title of 'World's Ugliest Dog' for 2017.

Knapp's News 6/25/17

George Knapp shared a number of news items that recently caught his attention.

Kenneth Arnold UFO Case Turns 70

Saturday marks the 70th anniversary of Kenneth Arnold's seminal UFO sighting which is credited as start of the modern UFO era and spawned the term 'flying saucer.'

UK UFO Files Get Curious Release

A tantalizing batch of UFO files curiously held back by the British government during prior releases of such material has finally been declassified.

Has 'Planet 10' Been Detected?

Astronomers observing the mysterious Kuiper Belt deep in space believe they may have detected signs of heretofore undiscovered large planet in our solar system.

Baby Monitor Spots Eerie Anomaly

A family in England were left bewildered when they looked at the baby monitor watching over the son and spotted what seems to be a ghost!

Odd UFO Photographed in Canada

A Canadian wildlife photographer captured a truly strange unidentified flying object that has left him baffled.

Deformed Sheep Sparks Panic in South Africa

Residents of a village in South Africa have been gripped with fear following the birth of a monstrous-looking sheep that appeared to be almost human.

Cops Call for Treasure Hunt to End

Following the death of a second person searching for an infamous hidden treasure allegedly located somewhere in the Rocky Mountains, police are calling on the man behind the mystery to end the hunt.

Forensic Dogs Enlisted in New Search for Earhart's Remains

Jun 21, 2017

A new expedition to an island in the South Pacific aims to finally solve the mystery of Amelia Earhart's disappearance by using forensic dogs.

'Ghost' Gets Schoolgirl in Trouble

A young girl in New Zealand found herself in hot water with her school teacher after she was caught trying to summon the infamous ghost 'Bloody Mary.'

Are Wind Farms Upsetting Nessie?

A Loch Ness Monster researcher believes that the proliferation of wind farms near the famed cyptid's purported home could be causing the creature great distress.

Video: Massive Cache of Nazi Relics Found in Argentina

Authorities in Argentina have recovered an enormous trove of Nazi artifacts that had been hidden in a secret room of a suburban Buenos Aires home.

Canadian Hotel Bemoans Stolen Toe

Jun 20, 2017

The outraged owners of a Canadian hotel say that someone has stolen the essential ingredient used in their bar's trademark drink: a human toe!

Watch: Pair of Elephants Work Together to Save Drowning Calf

An amazing piece of footage from a zoo in South Korea shows a pair of elephants banding together to save a young calf from drowning.

Video: Strange Mummy Investigated by Gaia TV

Outside of Nazca, Peru a mummified body with curious properties has been discovered.

Video: 3D Scan of Haunted Idol Encounters Eerie Issues

An innovative project aimed at producing 3D scans of haunted objects has produced some truly remarkable results.

Slew of New Exoplanets Found

NASA has provided an update on the Kepler Space Telescope's search for exoplanets and the total number of new worlds discovered is staggering.

Rescue Mission Fails to Find Source of Mysterious Cries for Help

Jun 19, 2017

Authorities in Canada were left scratching their heads after a rescue mission in search of a person crying out for help yielded no one in distress.

Strange Fish 'Suicides' Cause Concern in China

A bizarre video from China captures hundreds of fish leaping out of a lake to their own demise and the reason given by authorities is equally strange.

Video: Monstrous 'Lizard Fish' Caught Near Australia

Marine biologists working off the coast of Australia recently captured a deep sea creature that is as fearsome as it looks.

Knapp's News 6/18/17

George Knapp shares a number of items that recently caught his attention.

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Sean Carroll discussed the latest on the Higgs boson and extra dimensions. Followed by John Greenewald, Jr. on secret government documents.

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