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Last Show Recap

In the first half, Richard Syrett was joined by Douglas James Cottrell, a spiritual master who teaches people how to connect with their inner power. He spoke about his methodology, what he calls "quantum meditation," in which he goes into a trance state and is able to give readings for clients.

In the latter half, Rosa Koire, executive director of the Post Sustainability Institute, explained why Agenda 21, a United Nations plan to control all land, water, and resources, is bad news for the world.

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Don Zaidle

Special Guest


Don Zaidle was born in Ft. Worth, Texas. From the time he was "knee-high to a grasshopper," his interest in wildlife was intense. Despite a patchwork career that includes stints as a private investigator, attack dog trainer, soldier, oil field roughneck, radio talk-show host and electronics engineer, his passion has always remained with the outdoors.So he parlayed this passion into a profession and became an outdoor writer.

As a writer and naturalist, Mr. Zaidle developed over the years a keen interest in what he calls "the macabre and esoteric nature of nature." It came, therefore, as no surprise that his first major work of nonfiction, American Man Killers would be the result of his interest in the macabre, and would combine his years of observation and his lifelong interests.