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William R. Alschuler

Date: 01-14-02
Host: Art Bell
Guests: N/A

William R. Alschuler, holds a Ph.D. in astronomy from the University ofCalifornia at Santa Cruz. In addition to his work at Cal Arts, he has alsotaught at UCSC, Harvard, MIT, the Boston Architectural Center and theFashion Institute of Technology. His published works cover physics andastronomy, energy conservation in building design, UFOs and dinosaurs.

Dr. Alschueler's most recent book, THE SCIENCE OF UFOs, objectively examinessome of the themes, reports and claims that have been made about thebehavior of purported alien spacecraft and their occupants, evidence ofancient visitations on Earth and other planets, the meaning of species andhybrids in the context of modern genetics, and non-spatial methods ofinterstellar travel.

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