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Interfering with Energy

Date: 09-18-03
Host: George Noory
Guests: Jon Rappoport, Marshall Masters, Jacco van der Worp

"There is a whole other level of energy that is not electromagnetic," said investigative writer Jon Rappoport (nomorefakenews(1)), the main guest on Thursday's program. Butgovernment interference has consistently quashed inventors who try to bring such new energy technologies into the marketplace, he said.

Beginning with the brilliant Nikola Tesla, whose notes were carted off after his death in 1943 and never seen in public again, to the 'orgone' experimentation of Wilhelm Reich, whose studies were actually destroyed by the government, Rappoport outlined a pattern of suppression. During the Cold War years, the government actually launched the "Invention Secrecy Act," he said. Rappoport connected such policies to the elite secret societies, which he believes have a vested interest in keeping the current power and energy structure in place.

And yet one closed community in Switzerland, known as Methernitha maintains "free energy" devices, though they don't seek to publicize their efforts he said. They are however a prime example of the kind of "decentralization of power," that is advocated by Rappoport.


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Special Report: Bay Area UFO Expo Part 2

Speaking at this past weekend's Bay Area UFO Expo, (and guesting tonight on C2C) was Jason Martell, who has studied Planet X theories and ancient artifacts. One of the few younger researchers at the Expo, the black-clad Martell gave a slick Power Point presentation that showed images(1) which could bolster the Ancient Astronaut hypothesis.

Jumping over to South America, for a take on some rather modern ETs, was Dr. Roger Leir, best know for his alien implant removals. Leir documented his journey to the town of Varginha, Brazil where he interviewed witnesses to the 1996 case, where allegedly large-headed aliens were scooped up by the military. Contrary to popular reports, witnesses told him that at least one of the beings did not have a noxious or oily smell, though it did have red eyes and visible veins in its shoulder.

"Do ETs walk among us?" asked author Robert Perala. Quite possibly one came up to him after one of his lectures Perala detailed. The man said he came to Earth 35 years ago and inhabited the body of a dead three-year old that he revived. Perala asked him about his father who had a serious illness, and the man proceeded to draw onto a napkin with his eyes closed, a complicated and accurate electrocardiogram.

J.J. Hurtak Ph.D., gave a moving presentation of his cross-cultural academic research into the ET presence and the surrounding theological implications. Speaking with an almost rabbinical flair, the bearded Hurtak cited the Carlos Diaz case, who had contact with "ships of light," as "opening a door into a whole new physics," that could be a bridge between science and religion.

And yet a quick jaunt away from the Marriott, in the balmy night air provided its own kind of transcendence. But opening a door to a hotel floor on my return, I was greeting by a blinding flashing light and the sound of a harsh mechanical voice. Had I made contact with some less than benevolent entities?

Alas, the explanation was more prosaic. Someone had pulled a fire alarm. Chaos reigned as the entire hotel's occupants spilled outdoors, a swirling mix that included restaurant diners and staff, a couple hundred Special Olympic softball leaguers, and the UFO Expo attendees just preparing to join Richard C. Hoagland for his "Mars at Midnight" appearance. While it turned out there was no fire, there were definitely sparks in the air.

--Lex Lonehood(2)
Click here to read Part 1 of my report.


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