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UFO Crash Retrieval Conference

Filling in for George, Jimmy Church (email) welcomed author Alfred Webre, known for his work in exopolitics. Webre discussed topics from his latest book, The Omniverse, which delves into transdimensional intelligence, time travel, teleportation, and the secret space program and colony on Mars. Followed by Open Lines in the second half.

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UFO Crash Retrieval Conference

Show Archive
Date: Friday - November 12, 2004
Host: George Noory
Guests: Linda Moulton Howe, Jim Marrs, Grant Cameron, Bob Wood, Chuck Wade, Paul Kimball, Don Ledger, Peter Robbins

In this 4-hour special, George Noory, in the L.A. studio, and Linda Moulton Howe, broadcasting live from the UFO Crash Retrieval Conference in Las Vegas, interviewed several conference presenters.

Author Jim Marrs discussed events surrounding a UFO crash in Aurora, Texas in 1897. He said one witness, still alive during the 1970s, claimed to have seen and heard the crash. According to Marrs, "the pilot" of the UFO was buried in a local cemetery. Newspapers of the era reported the being from the UFO was "not an inhabitant of this world."

Retired aerospace engineer Bob Wood talked about Leonard H. Stringfield, an investigator who collected and published UFO crash retrieval reports. Wood said "most of the [UFO] crashes... were caused by our aggressive attempts to bring them down."

Chuck Wade presented information about Mac Brazel and Foster Ranch, purported site of a UFO crash in 1947. Wade said Brazel visited his father's bar in Corona, New Mexico immediately after the crash and told him about it. In June 2004, Wade conducted a dig at the Plains of San Augustine, where he discovered unusual 50-year old metal pieces. Analysis revealed the metal to be composed of aluminum, iron and silicon. According to Wade, this kind of metal was not a made 50 years ago.

Canadian filmmaker Paul Kimball discussed his documentary Aztec 1948, which he claims was originally made to show the Aztec, New Mexico UFO crash was a hoax. Kimball uncovered witnesses and information that led him to believe the story was true. According to him, two police officers were at the crash site at Hart Canyon in 1948 and described a pewter-colored UFO, as well as humanoid occupants.

Another Canadian, Don Ledger, recounted the time he was driving by Cape Sable Island and saw red lights "flitting about" in the sky that did not fit any airplane he knew. Ledger also discussed the Shag Harbour incident, involving Dark Objects -- a term military authorities use to describe the UFOs in the water. He claims there is photographic proof of Dark Objects.

Author Peter Robbins shared his research into the famous Bentwaters AFB case that involved highly strange aerial light events from December 26-28, 1980. Robbins said a UFO actually landed near the Bentwaters AFB and soldiers were ordered to surround it. According to him, interaction with non-human entities also took place.

Researcher Grant Cameron talked about his investigation into American Presidents and the hard evidence that some of them have been briefed about UFO events.

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