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The Dual Soul

Practicing naturopath physician, Dr. Joanne Conaway left mainstream medicine, rejecting the conventional approach of treating symptoms with pharmaceuticals. In the first half, she discussed what she believes are more effective methods of restoring health, and primarily how a healthy gut and microbiome promotes normal gastrointestinal function and provides protection from infection, increased absorption, and the regulation of one's metabolism. Midweek Open Lines were featured in the latter half.

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The Dual Soul

Show Archive
Date: Thursday - April 27, 2006
Host: George Noory
Guests: Peter Novak, David Darling

Researcher into afterlife phenomena and theology, Peter Novak presented his theory of the binary soul doctrine. Based on his studies, he has concluded that humans have two types of souls, one linked to the unconscious mind, the other to the conscious. Ancients, such as the Egyptians, wrote of this split in their descriptions of the afterlife-- one soul would reincarnate and the other would go to heaven or hell.

To a large degree the unconscious mind creates the experience of the afterlife, said Novak--if it condemns itself, then a hell would be perceived, or if it commends itself, then it would see heaven--and this could occur automatically. Meanwhile, the conscious mind, retains free will but not memory as it awaits reincarnation, he continued. This hypothesis is borne out by reports from near-death-experiencers, who see both a dark tunnel (conscious) and a realm of light (unconscious), and Novak speculated that these perceptions may actually occur simultaneously, but when the experiencers are revived they add a sequential narrative.

Novak also pointed towards ghost research to back the binary doctrine. In cases of hauntings, where there is a repetitive action, this could be associated with unconscious activity, while poltergeist phenomena indicate free will. Additionally, some past-life regression sessions also fit his framework, with subjects recalling both being in a dark void and a light-filled learning environment at the same time. Because of this duality, Novak believes most people lack a core unity to their psychological nature.

Red Rain Update

First half-hour guest, astronomer David Darling reported on the "red rain" that fell in India in 2001. At least 50 tons of material came down, so he finds the "spore" explanation given by the Indian government to be unlikely. Local residents heard a loud boom and saw a flash just before the rain, so that might suggest a meteorite instigating the downfall.

Two labs in the U.K. are analyzing the samples--both agree they contain cells, but only one lab has found DNA. With or without DNA, the source of the rain could be extraterrestrial and thus point towards the theory of panspermia, commented Darling.

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