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Secret Societies & 9-11 Footage

In the first half of the show, Scott Yarbrough discussed why he believes the changes in the sun cycles now have Earth entering an ice age, and outlined what we can do to prepare for the coming changes

In the latter half, writer and documentarian Lana Marconi and spiritual teacher Sanda Kyrzakos talked about their new project, The Resonance (view trailer), which explores how humanity is at a tipping point and now has the opportunity to integrate the message of higher level extraterrestrials, evolve in consciousness and become a new kind of human.

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Secret Societies & 9-11 Footage

Show Archive
Date: Tuesday - May 16, 2006
Host: George Noory
Guests: Jim Marrs, Dave vonKleist, Alex Jones, Chris Farrell

Journalist and author Jim Marrs discussed his investigations into secret societies, Knights Templar and Solomon's treasure. He traced the path of the treasure, which may have contained ancient knowledge from Mesopotamia: It was taken when Moses brought the Israelites out of Egypt, and then buried in the catacombs under Solomon's Temple when the Romans sacked Jerusalem. Eventually, the Knights Templar excavated at the old temple and brought the treasure back to Southern France. The wealth and knowledge they accrued made them a powerful organization that rivaled the Vatican, he said. Interestingly, Marrs reported that Nazi convoys may have hauled the treasure from France to Germany in 1944, giving the Nazis access to ancient technology secrets that put them on the verge of manipulating energy and building flying saucers and rockets.

The goal of secret societies is to institute a one-world government, said Marrs. While he may agree philosophically, he opposes their methods of conniving to establish this through secrecy and deceit rather than through an open voting process.

He also spoke about his involvement in a pilot TV series for the Discovery Channel, called X-Ops. The first show gathered strikingly anomalous footage related to an "alien ghost" in Roswell, but the network shelved its airing and the series itself. He invited people to phone the general office of Discovery (1-240-662-2000) to voice their response to the cancellation.Marrs' next book, The Terror Conspiracy, coming out in September, will deal with deceptions related to 9-11.

9-11 Pentagon Footage

Security camera footage recorded at the time of the 9-11 Pentagon attack was released today by the Department of Justice after a Freedom of Information Act request was made by Judicial Watch. The video, composed of still frames from two different angles, can be viewed at Judicial Watch.

During the first hour, three guests shared their reactions to the 9-11 Pentagon tape. Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch, said his organization had been hoping for clearer, more definitive imagery, which the Pentagon's parking lot cameras weren't designed to capture. Dave vonKleist, the producer of 911 In Plane Site, commented that the new video doesn't show a 757 and he questioned why the released footage was so low grade when the Pentagon likely has many higher quality video cameras installed on their premises.

Filmmaker Alex Jones said he believes they will release clearer videos within six months to a year, and that the latest footage is designed to heighten the debate and deflect attention away from smoking guns pointing at secret Black Ops involvement. Jones and Paul Joseph Watson offer further analysis in two different articles, Pentagon Video is Giant Psy-Op and Assault On 9/11 Truth Movement.

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