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Open Lines with Richard Syrett

In the first half of the program, host Jimmy Church (email) welcomed researcher Jason Martell, who discussed how ancient cultural beliefs were tied to the procession of the equinox and how this concept of a vast cycle of time can inform modern humans about what's coming.

In the latter half, conceptual artist and researcher Mark McCandlish shared his story of working as an illustrator of classified projects for the military-industrial complex. He recounted a tale of intrigue, secrets, and technology, along with detailed information on the physics and technological mechanisms of an Alien Reproduction Vehicle (ARV) with an anti-gravity propulsion system called the "Flux Liner."

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Open Lines with Richard Syrett

Show Archive
Date: Friday - April 24, 2009
Host: Richard Syrett
Guests: Open Lines, James Choron

Filling in for George Noory, special guest host Richard Syrett hosted a night of Open Lines. Conner, a 12-year-old from Salem, OR, recounted details from what may have been an angelic encounter in a convenient store. After spilling his large soda, Conner said an attractive woman with blond hair and blue eyes provided assistance and (unbeknown to him) paid for all of his items. When he went outside to thank her the woman had completely vanished.

Dotsie, who phoned in to speak with James Choron in the second hour, revealed that her uncle had disappeared under mysterious circumstances in World War II while flying a plane near Eureka, CA. Jeff in Cleone, CA, shared a related story. While working as a fire spotter, Jeff recalled seeing an 1947 log book entry about silver discs that may have been flying over Eureka at that time.

Matthew in Farmington, PA, told Richard about an EVP he captured at a local paranormal hot spot. On the recording, Matthew can be heard saying, "We've enjoyed the time we spent here tonight. We're going to come back in the future and speak with you some more." In response, a female voice answers, "I'll probably be gone." Matthew also expressed his desire to record EVPs in the area where the Titanic went down.

Mystery of King Bird Five Zero

First hour guest, writer James Choron (book link), discussed the mysterious case of King Bird Five Zero. The B-50A Bomber went missing in December 1947 while en route to Germany from McGuire AFB in New Jersey, Choron explained. The crew of King Bird Five Zero were thought to have been lost, until one night some 50 years later when the aircraft apparently reappeared on radar. According to Choron, the long-missing bomber showed up at the exact time they had been expected five decades earlier, and began broadcasting identity and position reports on an obsolete frequency to Thule AFB in Greenland.

A colonel who was in the tower at the time told Choron the pilot had asked them to light up the base before the aircraft abruptly ceased broadcasting and vanished from radar. A search party later found the wreckage of a B-50A Bomber on a glacier with 11 freshly dead crew members. The aircraft's log showed the last entry was from 1947, Choron noted. What happened to the bodies remains a mystery to this day, Choron said, but the aircraft was repaired and flown back to the U.S. Choron believes King Bird Five Zero was carrying some kind of alien technology aboard that may have caused this incident.

New Flu Strain Outbreak

In the first half hour, infectious disease expert Dr. Henry Niman provided a brief update on the deadly swine flu outbreak that appears to be spreading from human to human and attacking healthy young adults in the U.S. and Mexico.

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