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Anti-Gravity & Other Hi-Tech

In the first half, clinical psychologist and a professor at the Wright Institute in Berkeley, Matthew McKay discussed how the murder of his son, Jordan, sent him on a journey in search of ways to communicate with him. He recounted his efforts -- including past-life and between-lives hypnotic regressions, induced after-death communication, and channeled writing and how this led to extraordinary revelations about the soul’s life after death, and its future development. This was followed by Open Lines in the latter half.

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Anti-Gravity & Other Hi-Tech

Show Archive
Date: Saturday - June 6, 2009
Host: Art Bell
Guests: Bob Koontz

Filling in for Ian Punnett, Art Bell welcomed experimental nuclear physicist Dr. Bob Koontz, who talked about his UFO sighting in Central Pennsylvania and how it led him into a new field of research. The object, which Koontz was able to photograph with a digital camera, appeared to be disc-shaped with a dome. He estimated the UFO was traveling only 10 to 15 miles per hour and in distress, as it had what looked like smoke trailing behind it.

Koontz thinks anti-gravity technology may have been keeping this slow-moving craft suspended in the air. To prove his theory, Koontz set up an experiment based on the Biefeld-Brown Effect. According to Koontz, his test produced a demonstrable change in effective mass and convinced him that anti-gravitic systems are possible. In addition, Koontz referenced the work of self-taught Canadian scientist John Hutchison, who allegedly caused a 70-pound cannon ball to levitate with cancelling electromagnetic fields.

Koontz discussed the work of Stan Meyer, who prior to his death purportedly developed a car that could run on water. He believes Myer found a specific 'scalar resonance' that could be used to instantly breakdown water into hydrogen and oxygen. Koontz also touched on Steven Mark's toroidal power unit, free energy, scalar electromagnetic weapons (supposedly used by the Russians to modify weather), HAARP, and the physics of Art's massive ham radio antenna.

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Art Bell's Wife Denied U.S. Visa

Art Bell's Wife Denied U.S. Visa

Airyn Bell, wife of radio talk show legend Art Bell, has been denied a U.S. Visa. Read about their incredible struggle against the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). [Click the image on the left for proof the USCIS received the necessary documents from the Bells.]

Please also help Art plead his wife's case. Contact the President and his staff at whitehouse.gov.

Here's the letter Art Bell wrote to Senator Harry Reid on behalf of his wife Airyn Bell:

My name is Arthur W. Bell. My Wife is Airyn R. Bell. We have been Married over (3) Years now and have a (2) Year old Daughter who was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. My Wife is Philippine. In December 2006 she was given a CR1 Visa which was processed by the American Embassy in Manila, Philippines. We arrived in Las Vegas Dec 26, 2006.

In Oct 2008 (Oct 10th, 2008) we sent USCIS a I-751 with evidence of our Marriage and the fee ($545.00). My Wife went to Las Vegas and did the Bio-Metric. We were given case Number WAC0900851515. In early January 2009 we received a notice from the California service center to send MORE evidence. Within a few days we responded with much more evidence, it was RECEIVED by USCIS on Jan 15th 2009 (See POSTAL RECEIPTS - click for enlargement). Then in early March we received a notice that USCIS had not received our additional evidence and moreover that there was NO appeal and it was case CLOSED! So of course I called USCIS and they told me to send the evidence that they in fact received our package in a timely fashion which I did. They returned a letter saying they were sorry and had sent us the wrong form response and that we should send them $575.00.00. That was all they requested, so that's all we sent. At this point we had already sent $545.00 (which was cashed) with the original application and I thought even though this sounded wrong, what the heck, rather than argue with USCIS I just sent the money. They returned the check saying it was incomplete, but that was all they had asked for, most of the responses from USCIS seemed to refer to other cases, not ours, but I was tired of fighting.

In both sets of evidence we included:

- Our Marriage License
- Our Daughter's Birth Certif.
- Our JOINT bank accounts (2)
- Health insurance
- Joint car registration
- My Last Will (With my Wife and Daughter as receiving sole benefits)
- Social Security paperwork for all of us.
- Pictures (Trips we have taken etc.)
- The (2) homes I own in Nevada, payed in full
- (2) signed (Notarized) statements from friends attesting that our marriage is indeed in good faith
- Many additional documents proving it is a real Marriage entered to in good faith and still healthy

Then we had to return to the Philippines because of Family concerns and property there. Prior to leaving we went to USCIS in Las Vegas and had my Wife's Passport stamped because her Conditional green Card had expired at the end of December 2008. They stamped it for another Year, they told us it was OK to travel, just be sure to get her Passport stamped.

So, we are now in the Philippines with this horrible mess behind us. We will be here until we get the Family issues resolved and decide what to do with the property we own (A Condo) here in Manila.

We left the U.S. on March 10, 2009.

I think of myself as a good American, however I do not feel as though I have been treated as one. Can you possibly help out in trying to untangle some of this mess? I have no idea what my Wife's status is currently and no idea what steps to take next. I have called the USCIS, I have faxed them, I have sent return receipt required letters, all with no response, or with a response that does not relate to our case.

We have now been told my Wife can not return to the U.S. Please see response from USCIS. This was the FINAL step before they were to issue her 10 Year GREEN CARD, now they want us to start a two Year process ALL OVER AGAIN BECAUSE OF THEIR MISTAKE. THIS IS JUST WRONG. Please help us, it may take direct legislative action because the following was received following a letter sent by a congressional aide:


Thank you for contacting the Congressional Liaison Team within the California Service Center. Since the applicant is out of the country after the case was denied. The petitioner will need to start from filing the I-130 petition again for the beneficiary.

The reason for the denial was explained in the denial notice that your constituent received. The evidence was not received.

The applicant's status has been terminated at this point, and she will not be able to return to the United States using the stamps in her passport.


Yining Wu
Adjudication Officer
Congressional Unit


As you can see, they say they did not receive the evidence, but in fact THEY DID. Does the truth even matter?

Yours Truly,

Arthur W. Bell & Airyn R. Bell

Art's Webcam 6/6/09

Art's Webcam 6/6/09

Asia Bell celebrating her 2nd birthday

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