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Earthfiles investigative reporter, Linda Moulton Howe discussed the continuing rumbling sounds in Windsor, Ontario; a retired Naval flight engineer's experiences in Antarctica that included the retrieval of 15 scientists after a 2-week-disappearance in 1994; a whistleblower who described seeing a photo of non-human construction inside a moon crater; and another whistleblower going on the record about the alterations of two different images.

First hour guest, former professor of climatology, Tim Ball, responded to a viral video of the jet stream crossing the equator.

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Show Archive
Date: Wednesday - December 16, 2009
Host: George Noory
Guests: Nick Redfern, Joshua P. Warren

British ufologist and cryptozoologist, Nick Redfern discussed his latest research and study of numerous people all around the world who, since the late 1940s and early 1950s, have claimed to have made face-to-face contact with very human-like aliens. In addition to detailing the enormous impact the contactee era had on Ufology, he also recounted the stories of famous contactees such as George Adamski, Truman Bethurum, and George Van Tassel.

"Unfortunately, the UFO subject tends to have a short memory," he observed, "and a lot of people, particularly newcomers to the field, aren't aware of this pretty significant aspect of the whole UFO field." Conveying the profound popularity achieved by these early contactees, he cited sales of Adamski's first book, which exceeded 125,000 copies sold, and Van Tassel's conferences, which drew upwards of 12,000 attendees. Interestingly, he said, it was not just UFO enthusiasts who were intrigued by the contactees' stories, they also "attracted a deep attention and concern from the US government." To that end, he noted that the FBI's file on Van Tassel ran 400 pages and they sent plain clothes agents to contactees' lectures to learn more about the messages received from the "space brothers."

Dispelling the popular notion that the phenomenon ended with that first generation of experiencers, Redfern said that "you can find just as many contactees today as were around in that particular period." To that end, he expressed dismay that modern contactees are dismissed by the UFO community for fear of losing their credibility. "My view is: it's an integral part of the subject and we should look at it," he declared. Redfern also speculated on why the visitors choose one-on-one interactions as opposed to just revealing themselves to the world. He theorized that perhaps they want to bypass the governments of Earth and, instead, "go directly to the people, the populace at large, and sow the seeds at ground level."

The Brown Mountain Lights

In the last hour, paranormal investigator Joshua P. Warren reported on possible new evidence for interdimensional contact. Describing the latest experiment from his L.E.M.U.R. team, he explained that they placed a camera on Brown Mountain in hopes of capturing up close footage of the infamous Brown Mountain Lights. Warren revealed that his team picked up a remarkable clip (seen at his website) of a light flaring up just off camera. While excited about this latest development, he lamented that the mystery remains tantalizingly out of reach. "It's almost like there's some sense, some property of the universe that won't let you capture things until they're ready to be revealed," Warren mused.

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