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Decoding Gravity

George Knapp welcomed DNA expert, Melba Ketchum, for the entire 4-hour program, for a discussion on her Bigfoot research, as well as her testing or planned testing of samples from four giant and elongated skulls, and other giant remains. She addressed some of the controversies surrounding her previous DNA analysis of alleged Bigfoot hair and related samples, which yielded strange results that suggested some kind of human hybrid or mutation.

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Decoding Gravity

Show Archive
Date: Sunday - April 24, 2011
Host: George Knapp
Guests: Maurice Cotterell

George Knapp was joined by author Maurice Cotterell for a discussion on his research into gravity and how it relates to astrology, reincarnation, and the nature of God. He observed that since countless brilliant scientists have failed in their attempts to solve the mystery of how gravity works, then the solution "has nothing to do with intelligence or brains, because if it had, we'd have figured it out by now." Taking a different approach to solving the problem, Cotterell said that he decided to circumvent the specific question of how gravity works and, instead, focused on what he called the "twelve great mysteries of physics," which ultimately led him to the solution. "I started to make one discovery after another," he recalled, "and that allowed me to arrive at the position I am in today, where I have, quite frankly, no other questions left to ask."

"What I've discovered is that every atom radiates gravity waves," he claimed. Unlike radio and magnetic waves, which have vertical and horizontal paths, respectively, Cotterell proposed that these gravity waves are constructed more like an Archimedes' screw. It is this "corkscrew style energy," he said, which forms the basis for gravitational pull. Cotterell described the basic hydrogen atom as the "prime mover," as it dispels these gravity waves and causes other larger elements to adopt the same corkscrew spin and, thus, generate their own gravitational fields. "Once I figured this out," Cotterell said, "then it becomes quite clear that if you want to generate unlimited quantities of gravitational energy, all you have to do is put one of every element in the universe in a container and line them up in a straight line."

Cotterell also discussed the scientific communities resistance to his revolutionary ideas. He revealed that an attempt to publish his findings in a physics journal was rebuffed because his work was "completely new," contained no mathematics, and was unlike anything they had been involved with before. As such, Cotterell lamented that the physics community is searching for answers to the mystery of gravity based on a dogmatic attachment to false presumptions and incorrect theories established long ago. Along those lines, he claimed that the elementary particles, like gluons, being sought by the theoretical physics community do not even exist. To that end, he called the CERN project "an absolute scam" aimed at merely keeping misinformed physicists employed and declared that "there is no such thing as space-time. Relativity is nonsense. Quantum physics is nonsense."

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