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E. Coli Outbreak / Ancient Astronauts

Filling in for George, Richard Syrett welcomed Richard C. Hoagland for a discussion about evidence for nuclear war on Mars, disclosure, and how our solar system appears to have been 'remodeled' for life (additional Hoagland links: heae.biz, northatlanticbooks.com). Open Lines followed.

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E. Coli Outbreak / Ancient Astronauts

Show Archive
Date: Thursday - June 2, 2011
Host: George Noory
Guests: Dr. Jack Pruett, Dr. Leonard Horowitz

In the first half, Dr. Len Horowitz commented on the deadly outbreak of E. coli hitting Europe, which he thinks will also come to the U.S. The kidney complications and hemorrhagic nature of this new strain of E. coli is suspicious-- it looks like a lab-created mutation, similar to how Ebola works, he stated. This seems to smack of the globalists' depopulation agenda, he continued, adding that previous military experiments have used E. coli spraying as a weapon.

He suspects that rogue agents intentionally sprayed vegetables with the E. coli strain. Ideally, people should grow their own produce, he suggested, though vegetables can also be cleansed in an acid bath. He also recommended taking OxySilver to protect the immune system (related products at the Healthy World Store). Horowitz, who will speaking this weekend at Conspiracy Con in Santa Clara, CA, lamented that the conspiracy movement has been infiltrated by Satanists.


In the latter half, physician and former business partner of Cong. Ron Paul, Dr. Jack Pruett, discussed why he believes that ancient astronauts came to Earth in our distant past & created mankind. Concurring with the work of Zecharia Sitchin, Pruett said the Annunaki came to Earth from a planet called Nibiru about 450,000 years ago in search of gold. Departing from Sitchin, he contended that the Bible is actually a story about the Annunaki and not about God or a supreme being. Further, he stated that "I believe Jesus was the son of Enlil (one of the Annunaki), that Mary was artificially inseminated, and that Jesus was deceived by the Annunaki," who also resurrected him from the dead.

The Annunaki agenda continues today with their goal to create the perfect docile slave to do their bidding, Pruett argued, citing the genetic experiments reported in alien abductions, as one example. He also suggested that UFOs come from underground where the Annunaki maintain their bases.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, Catherine Austin Fitts

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