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Ancient Aliens

Earthfiles investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe presented interviews about oyster die-offs at an alarming rate in the northwestern US; children with past life recall; an alleged large pyramid and "sphinx" about 60 miles west of Mt. Denali in Alaska; and a recent report of house-shaking booms in Deltona, Florida given by a retired USAF aircraft crew chief that are apparently part of an ongoing contact with non-human consciousness. In the first hour, Dr. Gary Ridenour discussed the Zika virus and the recent death of rockstar Prince.

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Ancient Aliens

Show Archive
Date: Sunday - December 4, 2011
Host: Rob Simone
Guests: Philip Coppens, Alex Jones, Greg Hunter

Guest host Rob Simone (email) welcomed internationally renowned investigative journalist and author, Philip Coppens, who discussed Earth mysteries such as the Nazca lines and evidence for the existence of ancient visitation of astronauts from outer space. "Our ancestors definitely believed that we were not alone," Coppens declared, citing numerous cultures where their writings and traditions state that the 'gods' lived among them. He speculated that part of the reason why it is not better known that our ancestors were influenced by off-world beings is because their descendants were so poorly treated by Western culture that they became reticent to share this secret knowledge.

He also noted that the ancient astronaut theory faces two roadblocks from academia: the mainstream cannot accept that our ancestors held these beliefs and also refuse to contemplate that we are not alone. However, Coppens was optimistic by recent changes in the scientific community as the concept of panspermia, which suggests life originated elsewhere and naturally arrived on Earth, has begun to gain supporters. Additionally, he noted that there are some mainstream scientists who have suggested that ETs have visited our planet in the past, albeit before the dawn of human history. Coppens vehemently disagreed with this limited perspective, saying "archaeological, anthropological, mythological, and historical evidence from our ancestors clearly shows that this contact happened within the lifespan of human habitation."

Coppens pointed to the Nazca Lines as one instance where academia was forced to change their perspective on the abilities and culture of an ancient people. To that end, he credited pioneering esoteric researcher Erich Von Daniken, who championed the site as evidence for ancient astronauts and spawned intense interest in the mysterious landmark. Coppens observed that, after forty years of researchers studying the Nazca Lines, "they really have had to concluded that, yes, indeed, these people could take to the air." One potential form of flight used by the Nazca creators, he suggested, are seen in small artifacts known as "gold flyers," which scientists claim represented winged insects. However, Coppens pointed out that, in the 1990's, German engineers reconstructed a scale model "gold flyer" and it "flew perfectly."

NDAA Concerns

In the first half hour, Alex Jones talked about the National Defense Authorization Act, a piece of legislation that recently passed both houses of Congress and may have dire effects on civil liberties. He warned that, if the act is implemented, "it is truly an end of our Republic" and cited an ACLU study of the bill which called it "the most unconstitutional legislation in modern history." Facets of the bill which particularly trouble Jones are that it allows for the end of posse comitatus, which bars the military from domestic operations, and that it gives the Pentagon the right to secretly arrest Americans and hold them without a trial.

Iran Drone Claims

In the second half hour, Greg Hunter responded to the news that Iran claims to have shot down a US spy drone. While the American government has dismissed the severity of this claim, Hunter explained that the craft in question is "no little balloon" and actually costs 6 million dollars and boasts a 65-90 foot wingspan. As such, he surmised that, if Iran is telling the truth, they will showcase this downed craft to the media and possibly take action against the US. Hunter was particularly concerned that Iran could cut off access to the Straight of Hormuz, a critical oil shipping route, which would cause oil prices to skyrocket, and could, ultimately, set off a global conflagration.

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