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Open Lines/Curses & Dragons

In the first half, Dr. Joel Wallach discussed the human body and its ability to use natural healing without the risky drugs prescribed by modern medicine.

In the latter half, former futurist for a Pentagon-consulted think tank, where he developed scenarios for exotic kinds of warfare and high-tech terrorism, Lowell Ponte shared his analysis of current events, and his interpretations of Chinese astrology as it relates to the economy and politics.

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Open Lines/Curses & Dragons

Show Archive
Date: Friday - January 20, 2012
Host: George Noory
Guests: Open Lines, Mark Pinkham, Rosemary Ellen Guiley

During Open Lines, Stu in Lakewood, Ohio, phoned in wondering if an ashtray he purchased from an antique shop might be cursed. According to Stu, the object is partly composed of an authenticated piece of marble from Adolf Hitler's fireplace. Stu told George that he had been using the ashtray, but in light of Rosemary Ellen Guiley's discussion on curses (see below), he may not keep it. Laurieann from British Columbia explained that she has had the worst luck of her entire life since her grandmother passed away. Laurieann recounted a meeting several years earlier with a palm reader who revealed that she was hated by her grandmother. Laurieann believes she may have been cursed by her grandmother from the other side. Brian in a La Porte City, Iowa, speculated about how the '666' in his social security number could have adversely affected his life. George assuaged both Laurieann's and Brian's fears about being cursed. John from Roseburg, Oregon, shared a story about how he miraculously avoided a high-speed wreck on his motorcycle. John said he believes he was saved through angelic intervention.


Second hour guest, paranormal researcher Rosemary Ellen Guiley, talked about curses. "It's in human nature to ill wish against others, and to do rituals and invoke the aid of spirits to bring harm to others," Guiley said. Curses have been levied against people since ancient times to gain advantage politically, in business, and in love, she continued. They can be employed to bring physical harm and even death, she added. If one has a bad intention toward another person, it is technically a form of low energy cursing, Guiley explained, noting that it takes much energy to truly affect someone else's life. Guiley touched upon curses associated with objects, such as wrecked vehicles, deathbed curses, as well as generational curses. Sometimes the expectations people build around a curse gives it the power to carry on, she revealed. According to Guiley, there are many ways to remove a curse, including consulting a magically empowered person, using charms, praying, and invoking spirits. The best defense against curse energy is to have one's own spiritual house in order, she recommended.


In the first hour, George welcomed Templar Knight and historian Mark Pinkham for a discussion on dragons. A self-described descendant of the European Dragon Families, Pinkham revealed that those from such lineages are descended from some legendary dragon of the past and possess the ability to rule. A dragon is actually energy, he explained, noting how energy travels as a spiral in the form of a serpent. According to Pinkham, dragons are still here and certain people, like himself, the legendary sorcerer Merlin, and Native American Shamans, who have a karmic connection to them, can see these dragons in other dimensions. As Monday begins the Chinese Year of the Dragon, Pinkham commented that dragons show up at the end of every cycle. They are the guardians of wisdom and show the way to transformation, he noted. Pinkham also briefly spoke about the Knights Templar and how the true grail was the power of the dragon made manifest within the knights themselves, to help them attain Gnostic awareness.

George also talked with new Saturday night C2C host John B. Wells (email), who briefly shared some about his background and his experiences as an aviator.

News segment guest: Dr. Peter Breggin

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