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Space Missions/ Genetic Manipulation & Prophecy

Earthfiles investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe presented interviews about oyster die-offs at an alarming rate in the northwestern US; children with past life recall; an alleged large pyramid and "sphinx" about 60 miles west of Mt. Denali in Alaska; and a recent report of house-shaking booms in Deltona, Florida given by a retired USAF aircraft crew chief that are apparently part of an ongoing contact with non-human consciousness. In the first hour, Dr. Gary Ridenour discussed the Zika virus and the recent death of rockstar Prince.

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Space Missions/ Genetic Manipulation & Prophecy

Show Archive
Date: Monday - February 20, 2012
Host: George Noory
Guests: Douglas Hamp, Richard C. Hoagland

In the first half, head of Enterprise Mission, Richard C. Hoagland, talked about the 50th anniversary of astronaut John Glenn's orbiting the Earth, as well as America's future in space exploration. He noted how tiny the craft was in Glenn's historic mission-- they "literally wriggled him in there with a shoehorn and he was surrounded by equipment, and panels, and periscope, and then they sealed him in there." The event was televised live by NASA, and he did three orbits in a little over 5 hours, before he splashed down in the South Atlantic, after a harried re-entry, Hoagland recounted.

Hoagland cited Senator Glenn's cameo appearance on the sitcom Frasier in 2001, where he told of seeing "strange things" in space, as perhaps being more grounded in truth than comedy (text/video). Glenn, now 90, recently bemoaned the fact that the US currently has no space vehicle, and that NASA must rely on the Russians to transport Americans to the ISS. Hoagland suggested that a discovery of life in our solar system, such as by the Martian rover Curiosity, could act as a game changer, and reinvigorate NASA and the US government to launch manned space missions.


In the latter half, Hebrew scholar and expert in biblical prophecy, Douglas Hamp, warned that we're entering into an era of genetic manipulation that will set the stage for celestial intervention into the affairs of mankind. He predicted that within the next ten years a major disclosure event will take place which will convince the public to cooperate with aliens (who are actually demons rather than ETs) to participate in the next level of evolution. These aliens are using a hybridization program, mixing human genetics with the Satanic, in order to create an army to fight Jesus upon his return, he postulated. Further, he suggested that the hybrids might be currently kept in underground facilities.

He correlated such beings with biblical accounts, in which the Nephilim or fallen angels, mated with human females, and had offspring, some of whom were said to be giants. Scientific tampering with the genetic code, such as with recombinant DNA, may lead to the possibility that people will be offered genetic enhancements, and if they accept them they'll be turned into Satanic hybrids, akin to the Bible's 'mark of the beast,' Hamp commented.

News segment guests: Mish Shedlock, Hossein Hedjazi

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