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In the first half, UFO and paranormal researcher, Len Kasten, discussed an alleged secret government exchange program with ETs (known as Ebens) from the planet Serpo, which is said to be in the Zeta Reticuli star system.

In the second half, expert in hypnosis and time travel, Dr. Bruce Goldberg, talked about out-of-body experiences (OBE) and dimensional travel.

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Women In Black/ Life & Work of Manly Hall

In the first half, researcher Nick Redfern joined George Knapp to discuss the dark and disturbing evidence surrounding stories of Women In Black (WIB) including their involvement with alien abductions, Mothman, and the supernatural. In the...

Host: George Knapp
Guest(s): Nick Redfern, Louis Sahagun

False Confessions/ Surviving A Mass Shooting

James L. Trainum, former Violent Crimes Case Review Project Director for the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, D.C., joined Dave Schrader (email) during the first half of the show to reveal what really happens in police interrogation...

Host: Dave Schrader
Guest(s): James Trainum, Joe Alton
Show Archive

Art Bell: Somewhere in Time

Art Bell: Somewhere in Time traveled back to June 6, 1996, when Art hosted a show of Open Lines including a replay of an infamous interview he did with Major Ed Dames, who makes a series of alarming predictions using remote viewing.

Host: Art Bell - Somewhere In Time

Paranormal Vortexes/ Open Lines

Paranormal investigator Joshua P. Warren explained why Asheville is a paranormal vortex and how you can find such vortexes in your own home. He shared details about North Carolina's Brown Mountain Lights, where anomalous 'ghost lights' have been...

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Joshua P. Warren

Possession & Negative Entities/ Open Lines

In the first half, Director of the Institute for Hermetic Studies, Mark Stavish, discussed his latest work on poltergeists, possession, and negative psychic phenomena. Midweek Open Lines were featured in the latter half, and a number of callers...

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Mark Stavish

Violence and Self-Defense/ Prophetic Perils

In the first half, President and CEO of the International Combat Martial Arts Federation (ICMAF), Bradley Steiner, talked about self-defense, law enforcement issues, and the psychology of violence. In the latter half, researcher Holly Deyo...

Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Holly Drennan Deyo, Brad Steiner