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Mercury's 'Spider'

NASA's MESSENGER probe has sent back an image of Mercury that scientists have dubbed "the spider." It shows an impact crater with more than 50 cracks radiating from the center. More at

Asteroid Near-Miss

Asteroid TU-24 (pictured in a low-res. image from NASA) passed us by on Tuesday at around 1.4 times the moon's distance from Earth. First hour guest David Sereda (Link 1, Link 2) said that according to his contact at Lockheed, we may have sent a craft to divert the orbit of TU-24. Recent fireballs seen in the skies could have been fragments from the asteroid, Sereda suggested.He also referenced a Rand Corp. report Astronomical Odds (PDF file), which indicates that 30% of the public wouldn't want to know if an asteroid impact was imminent.

Car Zap Mystery

People are calling a 5-block radius surrounding the Empire State Building in Manhattan an "automotive Bermuda Triangle"-- a zone where cars mysteriously won't start. Automotive experts suspect the problem may be caused by radio frequency interference which jams the keyless entry systems of vehicles. For more, visit the New York Daily News.

EBEN Photo

According to Robert Collins,this photo may be a legitimate image of an 'EBEN' (extraterrestrial biological entity). Taken from a 3-second video clip in the documentary UFOs: Fifty Years of Denial, the image shows bruising on the neck and face, possibly indicative of crash injuries, writes Collins. Larger photos and further info posted here.

Satellite to Hit Earth

Government officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, revealed that a U.S. spy satellite has lost power and propulsion and is expected to crash to Earth in late February or March. It is unknown where on the planet the satellite might come down. "We are looking at potential options to mitigate any possible damage this satellite may cause," said Gordon Johndroe, a spokesman for the National Security Council. More at BBC News.

Strange Sheep Circles

Photographer Russell Bird captured about 100 sheep forming a near perfect ring - puzzling the farmer as well as onlookers. The formation lasted for around 10 minutes, he said, until the animals were scattered by the farmer's tractor. Bird claims a herd of sheep formed yet another mysterious circle three fields away. View a larger photo and get further details at the Daily Mail.

Riders on the Storm

Doors founding members Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger formed the group Riders on the Storm, which currently features Brett Scallions (formerly of Fuel) as the lead singer. A listing of YouTube videos of the group is posted here. Photo Credit: Miss Shela

Virgin's New Spaceliner

Virgin Galactic has unveiled their spaceliner design, which will take six passengers into suborbital space. The SpaceShipTwo craft is being built by Burt Rutan and is based on his design which won the Ansari X Prize in 2004. For more, see this article/video posted at

New X-ray Method

A new method has been shown to dramatically improve the detail of X-ray images. Adapted from dark-field microscopy, the technique makes use of scattered light. For further info and photos, visit New Scientist. Image: Franz Pfeiffer/Nature

Photos: Meier Contacts

Michael Horn sent us a set of images to accompany his discussion of the Billy Meier contacts, including photos by Claes Elmberg that purport to show the seven-fingered handprints of ETs.

The Human Google

Brad Williams is able to recall nearly everything he has ever experienced, including events that occurred on a specific date and even what the weather was like. Williams' superior memory is rare and known as hyperthymesia. His incredible memory was recently put to the test when he challenged a person using Google to answer 20 questions. Williams answered 18 questions correctly and was 11 minutes faster than the searcher. More info and video at ABC News.

No More Burnt Toast!

A new transparent toaster (pictured) allows you to watch your bread as it browns. A slice of bread is placed between two panes of "heating glass" and toasted in full view so it can be ejected at just the right moment. The toaster is currently in the concept stage. More at Ananova.

Steiger Image

Brad Steiger, pictured in Peru with his wife Sherry.

New Mercury Photos

New detailed images of the planet Mercury are being beamed back via NASA's MESSENGER probe. Pictured is a 300-mile area that is heavily cratered.For more info and photos, visit

Kinkade Calendar

Amelia Kinkade sent us some sample pages from her 2008 calendar, with photos by Michael Higgins. View them here.

Texas UFO Sighting

Towards the start of the show, Peter Davenport reported on a multiple witness sighting in Texas. He noted that he'd received reports of a similar craft over Georgia on the same night. For more, see below: Peter Davenport of the Natl. UFO Reporting Center sent us the following statement/reports:STEPHENVILLE, TEXAS, TUESDAY, JANUARY 08, 2008— A very peculiar object was reported to NUFORC recently, which reportedly was seen by many people near Stephenville, Texas. We have not spoken with any of the witnesses yet, but an article from the Associated Press was released over the internet on the date of this posting, January 14. We include below the “raw” reports which we have received, to date, about the alleged incident. We also would like to invite anyone who may have been witness to this event to please submit a short report, detailing the sighting, using our Online Report Form. Thank you! --Peter B. Davenport, Director, Natl. UFO Reporting CenterP

Recreating Unicorns

Starting in 1980, Oberon Zell recreated a number of living 'Unicorns.' Eventually, four of the creatures appeared in the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey circus.Check out Sideshow World for an interview with Zell and photos of his Unicorns.

Organ 'Donors'

In an effort to save thousands of lives, the British government is proposing a radical overhaul of their organ donor network. A system of "presumed consent" would allow hospitals to harvest organs from all dead patients unless they have explicitly opted out before death. Patients' groups argue that the state is taking away the right of people to decide what happens to their bodies when they die. More at

UK UFO Mystery

Eight-year-old Demi-Lee Griffiths captured a photo of some unusual lights (pictured) flying over her town of Mold, UK on December 23. Harry Hughes of Mynydd Isa spotted five orange orbs above his house Christmas Day. It seems in recent weeks, residents from all over England have reported seeing strange lights similar in appearance to the San Diego UFOs reported on by Coast guest Paola Harris on 1/9/08. For more on the UK sightings, visit

The Time Machine

Pictured (click on to view full diagram) is part of a drawing of Steven Gibb's Hyper Dimensional Resonator, of which he says he has sold more than 700 models since its creation in 1985. The dials can be turned to a specific month, day and year.

Massive Black Hole

The largest known black hole in the universe is 18 billion times more massive than our sun, it was announced at this week's meeting of the American Astronomical Society. The object, referred to as 0J287, is orbited by a smaller black hole, which aided astronomers in making the measurement. More at credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

San Diego UFO

In the first hour, investigative journalist Paola Harris reported on a sighting that took place on Jan. 1, 2008-- a flotilla of lights were seen over San Diego area skies. Watch a video report from Fox 6 News. The channel also offered a follow-up report that suggested people might have been seeing floating lanterns. Harris responded that lanterns don't float in formation, and noted the similarity of the sighting to one in Mexico City.

D.B. Cooper Suspect

First hour guest, attorney Galen Cook, provided an update on the D.B. Cooper case. After a previous Coast interview on 11/25/07, Cook said he received emails from a man in Utah who said his father, a former U.S. Army Green Beret and paratrooper, had identified himself as the infamous aircraft hijacker.The family provided Cook with a photo of the father (pictured, left side, click here or on the photo for further details). Cook noted similarities between this photo and a 1972 FBI composite drawing of Cooper (pictured, right side). Cook expressed hope that witnesses who were on the plane with Cooper, including flight attendants Tina Mucklow, Florence Schaffner and Alice Hancock, and passenger William Mitchell, would contact him about the photo and possibly ID the man pictured in it.

Albino Alligators Stolen

Rare albino alligators were stolen from a Brazilian university zoo last week. The creatures, born in 2005, could probably not survive in the wild because their coloring makes it difficult for them to hide from predators. More at LiveScience.

Mysterious Object

Near a cabin in Winthrop, WA, a 12-year old girl caught a mysterious object on camera that some are saying looks like the Virgin Mary. For a larger image, and further details visit

Universal Flu Vaccine

Scientists at biotech firm Acambis are working to perfect a vaccine designed to give lifelong protection against all strains of influenza A - the cause of pandemics. Many experts believe a pandemic of the human form of avian flu is approaching and will kill tens of millions of people worldwide when it arrives. Unlike traditional flu vaccines, supplies of the new vaccine could be built up prior to such an outbreak. Dr Michael Watson of Acambis said: "It can be manufactured at any time of the year, and could be stockpiled in advance of a pandemic or potentially used routinely to ensure population protection against future pandemics." More at BBC News.

Forward Observers

Digital artist Dana Augustine shares his illustrationForward Observers, made especially for our program with Whitley Strieber. Click on the image to view in full.

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