'Alien' Creature Found on British Beach

By Coast to Coast AM Staff - August 19, 2019

By Tim Binnall

A beachcomber in England was baffled after stumbling upon a bizarre-looking creature that had washed ashore. Fleur Bament reportedly made the weird find over the weekend while visiting a site known as Saunton Sands in the county of Devon. "I couldn't even think how to describe it in Google," she said of the strange denizen of the deep.

Bament ultimately turned to "the clever people on Facebook" to see if anyone could identify the oddity and her intuition proved to be correct as she was quickly provided an answer after posting a picture of the creature online. It turns out that it was a 'buoy barnacle,' which is a species of crustacean that attaches itself to a floating object and lives its life sitting atop the water being carried by currents.