Man Busted for Allegedly Spray Painting Squirrels Red in Bizarre Tracking Scheme

By Tim Binnall

A New York State man is in trouble with the law after authorities busted him for allegedly spray painting squirrels bright red in an effort to keep track of which of the critters were coming onto his property. The very weird case reportedly began back in mid-December when officers from the state's Environmental Conservation Department were made aware of an individual who was believed to be responsible for tagging several of the rodents that had been seen in a local park. A subsequent stakeout of the location, provided police with a glimpse of one of the unfortunate animals which led them to the suspect's door.

Specifically, officers "observed a bright red squirrel crossing the street less than a block away from the subject's residence." When authorities visited the man's home, they discovered some rather damning evidence in the form of multiple animal traps with a can of red spray paint beside them. Upon being questioned, the suspect confessed that he had been tagging the creatures and offered an odd explanation for his actions. According to police, the man "admitted to trapping the squirrels and painting them in order to keep track of those returning to his yard and causing his dogs to bark." Authorities subsequently charged the man with animal mistreatment and "violations related to the trapping, transporting, and liberating of wildlife."