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Alyssa Alexandria

Alyssa Alexandriapicture


Alyssa Adisi Waya Alexandria was raised in a modern world by one half of her family, and in a traditional Yurok world every summer with her Grandfather in Wecpus. A mixed blood, she is both white and First Nations. She is Cherokee, Aniyunwiya by blood, and Yurok Pulikla by family ties.

In 2009 she began documenting a prehistoric sacred site located on private land. There, while scouting, photographing and mapping this location over a period of 8 years, the author began to experience what is known to the mainstream as "the paranormal." The experiences were not as unfamiliar as one would think; the author has been traditionally vision questing and interacting with spirits all her life. She has also studied "earth's power spots" known as “Spots of the Fawn;” places of immense natural energy which are known to catapult you into an involuntary, or unaware altered state. These are the very same places the ancestors said were “very real doorways to the unseen realms.”


Past shows:

ECETI Ranch/ Places of Power

Experiencer James Gilliland gave an update on his mysterious ranch and cave. Followed by Alyssa Adisi Waya Alexandria on natural power places. More »


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