Paranormal Podcast Network

We are thrilled to bring you the iHeartMedia and Coast to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network. This exciting new network features podcasts of the paranormal, supernatural, and the unexplained!

We are currently featuring Joshua P. Warren's "Strange Things," Sandra Champlain's "Shades of the Afterlife," Captain Ron's "Beyond Contact," Heidi Hollis' "Dark Becomes Light," and Ian Punnett's "Vaudeville for the Frightened." Look for new episodes of Joshua, Sandra, and Ron's shows every Friday.

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Paranormal Experiences / Contact with Sky People
Paranormal Experiences / Contact with Sky People
Author and publicist Dan Harary shared a variety of his paranormal experiences. Followed by pendulum dowser Dan Baldwin and ufologist George Sewell on their research into Sky People and UFO abduction.


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