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UFO investigator Katie Griboski on the nature of UFO/UAP reports, and the obstacles in investigating them. Followed by screenwriter and producer Bryce Zabel, who discussed the fast-breaking developments in the UAP story.

HOST: George Knapp

GUESTS: Katie Griboski, Bryce Zabel

CATEGORIES: UFOs & Aerial Phenomena, George Knapp

HOST: Ian Punnett
GUESTS: Josh Zeman, Jonathan Meiburg

Filmmaker Joshua Zeman joined Ian Punnett to discuss the Son of Sam murders that terrorized NYC in 1977. Followed by author Jonathan Meiburg, who shared the complexities and wonders of ornithology and the world's smartest birds.

HOST: Ian Punnett
GUESTS: Dr. Daniel Friedman, Open Lines

True crime researcher Dr. Dan Friedman joined Ian Punnett to discuss the relationship between Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the notorious serial killer Jack the Ripper. Followed by Open Lines.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: Mitchell Scott Lewis, Michelle Clare

Astrologer Mitchell Scott Lewis discussed what he sees in charts for the markets, cryptocurrencies, and rest of the year. Followed by medium Michelle Clare on her NDEs and angelic encounters.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: Ann Louise Gittleman, Paul Begley

Nutritionist Ann Louise Gittleman discussed the latest science on longevity and how to stave off the effects of aging. Followed by Pastor Paul Begley on how biblical prophecy foresees current scientific discovery and world events.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: John DeSouza, Paul Rimmasch

Paranormal researcher John DeSouza shared his contention that the current UAP disclosure process is part of a "UFO fear program." Followed by crime scene investigator Paul Rimmasch with supernatural experiences of police officers.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: Brandon Weichert, Matthew McKay

Geopolitical analyst Brandon J. Weichert discussed secret and exotic military technology that is possibly related to UAP. Followed by psychologist Matthew McKay on his afterlife communications with his deceased son.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: Peter Langdon Ward, Heidi Hollis

Research geophysicist Peter Langdon Ward associated global warming with ozone depletion rather than greenhouse gases. Followed by author Heidi Hollis on her research into Shadow People, the "Hat Man," and angelic interactions.

HOST: Richard Syrett
GUESTS: Steven de Souza, Preston Dennett

Legendary screenwriter Steven de Souza discussed his career in Hollywood. UFO researcher Preston Dennett reported on cases of people who've had wondrous UFO encounters.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: Kevin D. Randle, Open Lines

UFO investigator Kevin Randle examined UFO cases, and cover-ups by the deep state. George's 'Birthday Bash' Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: Mark Shaw, Lauren Rainbow

Investigative reporter Mark Shaw linked the untimely deaths of Dorothy Kilgallen and Marilyn Monroe. Followed by psychic medium Lauren Rainbow on intuition and sacred sites.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: Mark Carlotto, Robert Waggoner

Engineer and scientist Mark Carlotto detailed some of the most compelling and intriguing UFO cases. Followed by author and speaker Robert Waggoner on methods and benefits of lucid dreaming.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: Ryan S. Walters, Brandon Beachum

Historian Ryan S. Walters discussed the ill-fated first mission of the Apollo space program. Followed by thought leader Brandon Beachum on keys to abundance and self-transformation.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: Dr. Joel Wallach, Stephan Schwartz

Dr. Joel Wallach discussed alternative health approaches and the benefits of remedies and supplements. Followed by futurist and author Stephan Schwartz on consciousness, UFOs, and remote viewing.

HOST: George Knapp
GUESTS: Wayne Pacelle, Dannion Brinkley, Paul Perry

Wayne Pacelle discussed his continued fight for animal welfare, outlining the plight of such creatures as kangaroos, wild horses, chickens, minks, and bison. Followed by Dannion Brinkley and his writing partner Paul Perry on NDEs and the dying process.

HOST: George Knapp
GUESTS: David Marler, Ellie Bundy

David Marler discussed the Farmington UFO Armada incident and triangular UFOs. In the first hour, Ellie Bundy reported on the disappearances of Native American people and violence against indigenous women.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: Jim Myers, Open Lines

Bigfoot researcher Jim Myers delved into his theories and research on the creatures known as Bigfoot, Yeti, and Sasquatch. Open Lines followed in the latter half of the show.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: Carl Greer, Cheryll Jones, Bruce Olav Solheim

Author and shamanic practitioner, Dr. Carl Greer, talked about how he made a profound career switch in midlife. Followed by Cheryll Jones with her interview with Bruce Olav Solheim on deja vu and alien communication.


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