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Watch: Bigfoot Filmed in Canada?

16 hours ago

A mesmerizing piece of footage from Canada appears to show some kind of large creature lurking in a forest and many suspect that the beast is Bigfoot!

Category: Creatures, Myths & Legends
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Video: Mighty Meteor Lights Up the Sky Over Michigan

Residents of southeast Michigan as well as a number of nearby states were treated to a somewhat unsettling show last night when a meteor lit up the sky and produced a sizeable rumble.

Mass Trial Sees 97 Convicted of Sorcery-Related Murders

Jan 17, 2018

An astounding 97 people in Papa New Guinea were found guilty of murder in a mass trial resulting from a jaw-dropping 2014 rampage.

Anomaly Hunter Spots 'Aliens' on Mars

An indefatigable anomaly hunter believes that he may have spotted the proverbial holy grail of oddities on Mars: actual aliens.

'Haunted Painting' for Sale in NZ

Jan 16, 2018

If you've ever wanted to welcome a shadow person into your home, someone from New Zealand may have just the thing for you.

Gator and Python Tangle on Golf Course in Florida

The flow of play at a golf course in Florida came to an abrupt halt due to an epic battle unfolding between a python and an alligator.

Flying Humanoid Filmed in Mexico?

A weird video from Mexico has gone viral as some believe the footage shows a flying humanoid hovering in the sky, but not everyone is convinced.

'River Monster' Spotted in Germany

A man walking along the Elbe River in Germany was astounded when he spotted a large, snake-like creature emerge from the water.

Homemade Rocket Launch Now Set for Super Bowl Weekend

Jan 15, 2018

The highly publicized launch of a Flat Earth fan's homemade rocket looks to be back on track after being scrubbed last year.

Video: Mystery Boom Shakes Dallas

Residents of a Dallas neighborhood were bewildered on Wednesday evening when they heard a mysterious boom that left them pondering worst case scenarios for its cause.

Florida Cops 'Bust' Massive Python

A police officer in a Miami suburb bagged a monstrous Burmese python that measured a whopping twelve-and-a-half feet long.

Watch: UFO Appears Behind Newscast in Oregon?

Attentive viewers watching a morning newscast in Oregon were bewildered to see what appears to be two UFOs appearing behind the anchors.

Reptilian-Fearing Man Shoots at UFO-Shaped Church in Michigan

Authorities in Michigan arrested a man after he allegedly shot out a window at a church because he believed that it was an alien space ship!

Conspiracy Theory Claims Stephen Hawking is an Imposter

An odd conspiracy theory circulating online could rival that of the Flat Earth when it comes to sheer outrageousness.

Witch Doctor Finds 'Mystery Creature' Under Bridge in Kenya

In a bizarre story out of Kenya, a self-described medicine man purportedly thwarted a mysterious creature said to be the cause of numerous car accidents on an infamous bridge.

Anomaly Hunters Spot Secret Aircraft on Google Earth?

Anomaly hunters turning their gaze towards the Earth rather than the cosmos suspect that they may have spotted a secret American aircraft via Google Earth.

Panic Erupts in Malawi After Infant Allegedly Has 'Porridge Prophecy'

Strange scuttlebutt surrounding a purported prophecy coming from a newborn baby spawned panic in a region of Malawi this week and had mothers rushing to feed their children porridge.

'Alien' Sharks Snagged Near Taiwan

Researchers working off the coast of Taiwan snagged some truly strange specimens during a survey of fish lurking in the area: five monstrous-looking viper sharks.

Famed French Village Still Attracting Treasure Hunters

The village of Rennes-le-Chateau in France, long-suspected of being the site of buried treasure, has been struck once again by someone seeking riches.

Mystery Poet's Mockery Drives Village in Tajikistan Mad

Jan 10, 2018

A small village in Tajikistan has become the site of a rather bizarre and biting mystery as someone keeps writing insulting poems about residents on areas throughout the community.

Odd Orbs Filmed in New Zealand

While watching over a cow that was about to give birth, a farmer in New Zealand was stunned to see three glowing orbs suddenly appear in the night sky.

Video: Alligators in North Carolina Display Amazing Survival Skill

An incredible piece of footage from a wildlife park in North Carolina provides a glimpse of the amazing way in which alligators survive frigid temperatures.

Intriguing Survey Sheds Light on Conspiracy Theories in France

An enlightening survey conducted in France found that nearly eight out of ten people believed in at least one conspiracy theory if not more.

NASA Spots 'Stick Figures' on Mars

Scientists are scratching their heads over some odd features found on the surface of Mars that have been likened to 'stick figures.'

Occult Calls Plague Malaysian Cops

Authorities in Malaysia say that calls concerning magic spells, mediums, and other occult matters are overwhelming police.

Turkeys Thwart Mail Delivery in Ohio

While rain, snow, and the gloom of night may be no match for the postal service, mail carriers in an Ohio city say that wild turkeys are a different story.

George Noory Celebrates 15-Year Anniversary as Host of C2C

Jan 8, 2018

Premiere Networks announced that January 2018 marks George Noory’s 15-year anniversary.

Live Chat w/George Noory & Connie Willis

Jan 8, 2018

Coast Insiders, join us on Tuesday night for a live chat with George Noory and Connie Willis.

'Asparamancer' Forecasts 2018

A psychic medium in England who purportedly possesses the power to divine the future using asparagus, of all things, has revealed her forecast for 2018.

Emerging Artists 1/7/18

The first Sunday of every month, George Noory features emerging artists for some of the Bumper Music.

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Robert Felix detailed the signs of a coming ice age. Followed by researcher Gary Wayne on hidden history and biblical prophecy.

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