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'American' Racing Pigeon's Life Spared After Australian Origins Revealedpicture

'American' Racing Pigeon's Life Spared After Australian Origins Revealed

In a bizarre twist to an already weird story, a racing pigeon thought to have flown from the United States to Australia and subsequently sentenced to death over concerns about bird diseases being brought to the country has been granted a reprieve...

Categories: Nature, Environment & Earth Changes

In Coast You Missed It 1/15/21

In Coast You Missed It 1/15/21picture

Check out our round-up of highlights from the past week ... In Coast You Missed It.

Bigfoot Spotted in British Columbia?

A group of friends in British Columbia who were traveling home on Christmas night claim that their journey came to a sudden stop when they spotted what they believe was a Sasquatch.

Racing Pigeon That Flew From America to Australia to be Euthanized

A racing pigeon from America that flew all the way to Australia will pay the ultimate price for its arduous quest for freedom as officials in the country plan to euthanize the bird out of fear that it might carry diseases.

Watch: Thawing Puddle in Ireland Produces Captivating 'Alien Illusion'

A children's author in Ireland could not believe her eyes when she stumbled upon a puddle that was thawing from below and, in the process, looked as if it were inhabited by some kind of mysterious alien creatures.

Flight Attendant from D.B. Cooper Skyjacking Revisits Infamous Caper

A flight attendant who played a key role in the infamous D.B. Cooper skyjacking case has granted a rare interview in which she revisits the infamous event.

Tim Swartz Materials 1/13/21

In tandem with his appearance on the 1/13/21 show, Tim Swartz shares images related to his presentation on UFOs and aliens.

Indonesian Cave Painting Could be World's Oldest Artwork...

Indonesian Cave Painting Could be World's Oldest Artwork Depicting an Animalpicture

An ancient drawing of a pig that was discovered in an Indonesian cave may be the world's oldest depiction of an animal.

Art Bell Vault: Bizarre Phenomena

Art Bell Vault: Bizarre Phenomenapicture

Added to the Art Bell Vault this week are a pair of programs that explore human mutilations and time anomalies.

Watch: Airliner Nearly Collides with Balloon

A wild video circulating online shows a shockingly close encounter between an airliner and a colorful balloon that comes careening towards it in midair.

Centuries-Old Sculpture of 'Elite Woman' Discovered in Mexican...

Centuries-Old Sculpture of 'Elite Woman' Discovered in Mexican Citrus Fieldpicture

Farmers working in a Mexican orchard were stunned to discover a rather sizeable sculpture of what experts say was likely a powerful female figure from centuries ago.

'Grand Warlock' of Mexico Issues Forecast for 2021

A colorful self-proclaimed clairvoyant in Mexico known as the country's 'Grand Warlock' has issued his forecast for 2021.

Watch: Ghost Filmed at Abandoned Asylum?

A paranormal investigator exploring an abandoned asylum in Wales believes that she filmed a brief glimpse of a ghost during her investigation.

Fenn Treasure Hunter Pleads Guilty to Digging at Yellowstone...

Fenn Treasure Hunter Pleads Guilty to Digging at Yellowstone National Parkpicture

A treasure hunter who was charged with illegally digging at Yellowstone National Park may face jail time after pleading guilty to the allegations surrounding his ill-fated quest for riches.

Video: Strange New Method of Snake Locomotion Discovered by Scientists

For the first time in nearly a century, scientists have discovered a new method of snake locomotion by way of a bizarre climbing method exhibited by a species of the creature living in Guam.

Lizzie Borden 'Murder House' for Sale

The site of an infamous double axe murder that captured the country's attention in the late 1800s has gone on the market in Massachusetts.

Iguana Jumps on Fireman's Helmet to Escape Burning House

At a blazing house in the English village of Corby, a quick-thinking iguana jumped on the helmet of a fireman, who unknowingly carried the pet reptile to safety. The incident, which occurred on Wednesday night, is perhaps unique in the annals of...

Hubble Captures Colliding Galaxies

To celebrate the start of 2021, the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has published images of six stunning galaxy mergers.

Misidentified Potato Sparks Search for 'Human Remains' in England

A police department in England got quite the laugh when they received a worrisome report about possible human remains being discovered and, upon searching for the suspected body, found a potato.

In Coast You Missed It 1/8/21

In Coast You Missed It 1/8/21picture

Check out our round-up of highlights from the past week ... In Coast You Missed It.

Video: Enormous Sinkhole Opens Up Outside Hospital in Italy

A jaw-dropping scene unfolded outside of an Italian hospital when an enormous sink hole opened up in the facility's parking lot.

Campobasso Alien Illustrations

In tandem with his 1/7/21 appearance, Craig Campobasso shares illustrations from his new book The Extraterrestrial Species Almanac.

Massive Shark Washes Ashore in Maine

A crew of fishermen in Maine could not believe their eyes when they discovered an enormous dead shark that had washed ashore onto a beach.

Grave Robbers Busted in Florida

Authorities in Florida have arrested a pair of men who allegedly stole several skulls from a graveyard for the purposes of religious rituals.

Video: 'Ghost Child' Causes a Stir in Malaysia

A group of friends in Malaysia were convinced that they had encountered a ghost when they spotted a child riding a tricycle in the wee hours of the morning, but the spooky sight wound up having a less-than-supernatural explanation.

Ghost Filmed at Gas Station in India?

A curious piece of footage out of India appears to show some kind of apparition making a brief appearance behind a group of men gathered at a gas station. Posted online over the weekend, details surrounding the video are scant at best although it...

Video: Diver Spots Stingray Sporting Eerie 'Face'

A diver swimming in the waters off the coast of Tonga could not believe his eyes when he spotted a stingray that appeared to sport a sinister face on its back.

Art Bell Vault: Psychedelics

Art Bell Vault: Psychedelics picture

Added to the Art Bell Vault this week are a pair of programs exploring the world of psychedelics.

Sword Stolen 40 Years Ago Gets Returned

A sizeable bronze sword that had been stolen forty years from a statue in a Massachusetts city was finally returned this week by the remorseful man who took it when he was a college student.

South Carolina Teens Exploring 'Haunted' House Stumble Upon...

A group of teenagers in South Carolina got quite the scare when they were exploring an allegedly haunted house and wound up discovering a dead body in a freezer.


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