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Watch: Sonic Boom Shakes French Openpicture

Watch: Sonic Boom Shakes French Open

A tennis match at the French Open came to a brief stop today when an enormous boom shook the city of Paris, leaving players and officials concerned about what may have occurred outside the stadium.

Categories: Weird & Bizarre

Art Bell Vault: International UFO Cases

Art Bell Vault: International UFO Casespicture

Added to the Art Bell Vault this week are a pair of programs centered around international UFO cases.

Cattle Mutilations in Oregon Continue

The mysterious cattle mutilation phenomenon continues to vex ranchers in Oregon as three more curious cases have now been reported.

Video: Bigfoot Sightings Reported in Alabama

Employees at an outdoor entertainment venue in Alabama claim that customers have been reporting strange activity which they suspect is evidence of a Bigfoot lurking in the area.

Watch: Clumsy 'Ghost' Goes Viral in China

A worker at a horror-themed escape room in China likely wound up giving himself nightmares by way of an embarrassing stumble which was captured on video and subsequently went viral on social media.

Three Underground Lakes Found on Mars

Scientists studying data from the European Space Agency's Mars Express orbiter have discovered a trio of subterranean lakes hiding beneath the surface of the Red Planet.

Tom Valone Material 9/28/20

Guest on the 9/28/20 show, Tom Valone shares material related to his presentation. Pictured: Valone demonstrates a Tesla coil in the lab.

Chain of Discount Stores in England Under Fire for Selling Ouija Boards

A chain of discount stores in England is under fire for selling incredibly inexpensive Ouija Boards as part of their seasonal Halloween offerings.

Multiple Nessie Sightings Reported

In a year in which on-location sightings of the creature have been few and far between, multiple visitors to Loch Ness over the past month have reported seeing the site's legendary monster.

Cops in Utah Arrest Man for Allegedly Stealing Truck to Get to...

After being arrested for allegedly stealing a truck from the parking lot of a convenience store, a man in Utah offered cops a rather weird reason for his actions: he urgently needed to get to a meeting with alien ambassadors.

Chris Bartel Photos 9/27/20

Chris Bartel Photos 9/27/20picture

Chris Bartel has provided several unique images for his appearance on the 9/27/20 show to discuss his time as a guard at the Skinwalker Ranch.

Knapp's News 9/27/20

Knapp's News 9/27/20picture

George Knapp shares a number of recent items of interest, including an article on a 780,000-year-old UFO.

Howard Hughes Photos 9/26/20

Mark Musick has provided a few photos of Howard Hughes to accompany his appearance on the 9/26/20 show.

M.L. Behrman Photos 9/25/20

M.L. Behrman Photos 9/25/20picture

M.L. Behrman has provided several track images for his appearance on the 9/25/20 show to discuss strange happenings from the great desert landscape.

Fenn Treasure Finder Breaks Silence

An individual who appears to have been the person that found Forrest Fenn's legendary treasure has broken their silence and shared details about the remarkable experience.

Watch: Fisherman Stumbles Upon Snakes Engaged in Epic Tug of War

A fisherman in Kentucky could not believe his eyes when he stumbled upon a pair of stubborn snakes engaged in an epic tug of war over some food.

Video: Famed Balancing Rock Falls

A massive rock in Massachusetts that famously sat precariously perched on a boulder for thousands of years finally succumbed to the elements and came tumbling down this week.

Psychic in Texas Fails to Foresee Flood

The clairvoyant abilities of a psychic in Texas have been called into question after their truck was spotted being overwhelmed by a flood.

Art Bell Vault: Mysteries of Egypt

Art Bell Vault: Mysteries of Egyptpicture

Added to the Art Bell Vault this week are a pair of programs centered around the mysteries of Egypt.

Security Camera Films Small Humanoids?

A strange piece of home security camera footage circulating online appears to show a pair of bipedal humanoid creatures lurking in the driveway of a home in Texas.

Video: 'Giant Rat' Pulled from Mexico City Drainage System

Video: 'Giant Rat' Pulled from Mexico City Drainage Systempicture

A drainage cleaning project in Mexico City took a bizarre turn when workers unearthed a giant rat costume that was unsettlingly similar to a real rodent.

Realty Company Reveals Most Affordable Communities for UFO Spotting

While the prospect of spotting a UFO may seem like a proverbial game of a chance, an interesting new report from a realty company has determined which communities provide the most affordable location for those wishing for some kind of close encounter.

Missouri Teen Finds Mastodon Tooth

A treasure-hunting teenager in Missouri stumbled upon a fantastic object from the distant past in the form of a fossilized mastodon tooth.

Creepy Clown Frightens British Town

Creepy Clown Frightens British Townpicture

In an indication that creepy clown season may be upon us, residents of a community in England are on edge following a pair of incidents in which people were menaced by a haunting harlequin.

Viral 'Sasquatch Alert' Gets Squashed

Officials in Wisconsin were forced to issue a statement squashing rumors circulating online that a Sasquatch had been spotted in a state forest.

Intriguing Experiment Aims to Recreate Amelia Earhart Distress Calls

An intriguing new experiment centered around the final distress calls of Amelia Earhart may provide new insights into where the lost aviatrix ultimately met her fate.

Knapp's News 9/20/20

George Knapp shares a number of recent items of interest, including an article about how climate change may lead to a mass migration.

Watch: 'Monster' Alligator Swims Through Yard

Gulf Shores, Alabama resident Tina Bennett captured video of what she estimates was a 12-ft alligator swimming through her front lawn during Hurricane Sally.

Video: Detroit Driver Arrested After Successfully Jumping Over...

Video: Detroit Driver Arrested After Successfully Jumping Over Drawbridgepicture

A foolhardy motorist in Detroit is in hot water with the law after he channeled his inner action hero and jumped over a drawbridge in his car.

'Unidentified Forest Object' Found in Polish Wilderness

A man exploring a forest in Poland came upon a rather puzzling sight in the form of a mysterious object that some have likened a downed UFO.


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