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Upcoming Shows

Schedule for July 02, 2020 - July 03, 2020

Antichrist & the Eclipse / Evolution & Intelligent Design

Hosted by George Noory
Guest(s): Mark Biltz, Geoffrey Simmons

First Half: Founder of El Shaddai Ministries in Washington state, Mark Biltz is a well-known commentator on biblical and messianic prophecy. He'll outline the plan of the Antichrist, and how the eclipse on July 5th will be a harbinger for events to come.

Second Half: Dr. Geoffrey Simmons was an ardent supporter of Darwinian ideas. Now, he claims the data supporting this theory is scientifically untenable. He'll discuss 'macroevolution' and intelligent-design theory and what it will take for humankind to travel into deep space.

Pendulums & Psychic Detectives / Open Lines

Hosted by George Noory
Guest(s): Dan Baldwin, Open Lines

Dan Baldwin has invested more than fifteen years using his skills as a pendulum dowser to locate missing persons and is considered an expert in the field. He has worked on several high-profile cases with astounding results. He'll discuss what a psychic detective is, the tools and techniques at his or her disposal, and the steps needed to develop one’s own abilities. Followed by Open Lines.


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