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Grid Security & Preparedness / Past Lives Therapy

Grid Security & Preparedness / Past Lives Therapy

Host:George Noory

Guests:Michael Mabee, Shelley Kaehr

First Half: After working as a paramedic, a suburban police officer, and with the government, Michael Mabee served in two wartime deployments to Iraq, and two humanitarian missions. He'll discuss protecting the US power grid, from not only EMP, but hacking, too. He'll also address how to set up contingency plans for a possible catastrophic breakdown of infrastructure.

Second Half: One of the world’s leading authorities on energy healing and mind-body medicine Dr. Shelley Kaehr talks about spontaneous past life recall - how to identify it and turn that experience into an opportunity for transformative healing.

TBA  / Fifth Dimensional Healing

TBA / Fifth Dimensional Healing

Host:George Noory

Guests:Kimberly Meredith

Kimberly Meredith is a medical intuitive, trance channeler, psychic surgeon, hands-on healer, and spiritual teacher. She will discuss teachings, healing secrets, nutritional tips, and exercises that can assist people in discovering their own gifts as well as how to access the Fifth Dimension for communication from God, Mother Mary, ascended masters, and angels. First Half, TBA.

TBA / Open Lines

TBA / Open Lines

Host:Ian Punnett

Guests:Open Lines

Ian Punnett (Twitter) hosts guest(s) TBA. Followed by Open Lines in the latter half.

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