Liz McIntyre

Liz McIntyre


Liz McIntyre is an award-winning investigative writer and privacy activist with a flair for exposing corporate shenanigans and bureaucratic misdeeds. She and Dr. Katherine Albrecht co-authored the bestseller "Spychips: How Major Corporations and Government Plan to Track Your Every Purchase and Watch Your Every Move." McIntyre works as a consultant for, the world's most private search engine. She invites listeners to join her at Twitter for lively debate on technology and privacy issues of the day.



Past Shows:

  • Privacy Rights/ True Crime

    Liz McIntyre discussed her work fighting for privacy rights.Jeremy Finley described infamous crime cases and the work of journalists.More »
  • Human Chipping/ AI's Future

    Privacy activist Liz McIntyre warned about human chipping proposals. Followed by James Barrat with updates on AI.More »
  • Human Chipping/ Cryptology & Ciphers

    Privacy advocate Liz McIntyre discussed the recent news of human chipping. Followed by Professor Craig Bauer on codes and ciphers.More »
  • Mad Moments

    During the final two hours of the show, George Noory, who was broadcasting live from WMAL-AM in Washington D.C., hosted Open Lines and offered a 'mad moment' line for people who wanted to share occasions in their lives when they just lost it.More »
  • Spy Chips

    Consumer privacy experts Katherine Albrecht and Liz McIntyre of CASPIAN, a group dedicated to fighting supermarket 'loyalty' cards, shared an update on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) products.More »

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