Susan Schneider

Susan Schneider


Susan Schneider is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at the Cognitive Science program and the University of Connecticut. Her work is on the nature of the self, which she examines from the vantage point of issues in philosophy of mind, artificial intelligence (A.I.), metaphysics, astrobiology, epistemology, and cognitive science,. The topics she has written about most recently include the software approach to the mind, A.I. ethics, and the nature of the person. She is also a fellow with the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies.



Past Shows:

  • Future of A.I./ Shapeshifters

    Dr. Susan Schneider spoke on the future and ethics of artificial intelligence.John Kachuba discussed the history and lore of the shapeshifter.More »
  • Artificial Intelligence Special

    In many sci-fi stories, a future is imagined where machines have taken over and evolved to the point of having emotions and consciousness. But how close are we to a world where humankind is controlled by cyborgs? Four experts on artificial intelligence (AI) in separate hours...More »

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