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Into the Stargate

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William Henry riffed on a complex web of historical and mythological interpretations this past Wednesday night, connecting the dots across time and space. "The entire planet could travel through a stargate or wormhole," was one startling observation Henry made as to how Planet X could arrive into our solar system. Such a stargate could be composed of an "exotic matter" that Henry referred to as Blue Apples or blue stones. "When human beings are exposed to it, it brings them up the evolutionary ladder," he said of this strange substance that he also speculates could be used in everything from advanced propulsion to healing.

Henry hints that this magical matter might be somewhere in Iraq, and that Saddam is aware of it. Buried along with ancient books, maps, cylinder seals, and portrayals of the gods, he said there could ultimately be "stargate technology-- something that would profoundly alter the existing world's religions and also the balance of power in the world." To further explore these mysteries, Henry along with James Arthur will be conducting a workshop about the "Blue Apples" in Los Angeles on Saturday, Feb. 22.

Secrets of Planet X

In an article posted on William Henry's website, he ruminates on the coming of Planet X, which he says the Sumerians referred to as "The Lord." The planet was inhabited by what the Bible called the "Shining Ones," Henry says, and he speculates that these beings had access to mind boggling technologies. "They operated a (star) gateway linking Heaven and Earth. They genetically altered the human body…to operate in this gateway. …They could create weapons of mass destruction and advanced human beings," he writes.

Henry connects this stargate or wormhole with the "fiery furnace" of Solomon's Temple written about in the Bible. Sumerian scholar Zecharia Sitchin has also analyzed depictions of what may be this temple/gateway. "Buried deep beneath the sands of Iraq are the secrets of the Shining Ones of Planet X," Henry writes, adding that he thinks Saddam is well aware of such treasures. The return of the roaming planet "centers on the recovery of a technology once housed at Solomon's Temple that is used to open a gateway linking Earth with far off regions of space," he continues. The possibility of war in this area "suggests that the world powers are jockeying for position as if the return of Planet X is imminent," he intriguingly concludes.

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