The Haunted White House

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The Haunted White House

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Author and radio host Joel Martin appeared on Wednesday night's show to talk about his book The Haunting of the Presidents, which documents paranormal activity in the White House, from George Washington through the Clinton Administration. "He's wandering around the White House," Martin said of the tall apparition that has been recognized as the ghost of Abraham Lincoln on more than one occasion. He even supposedly knocked on the door of the Queen of the Netherlands who was staying at the White House in the 1940's. Lincoln had a number of premonitions leading up to his death, including a vivid dream where he saw a casket draped in the American flag, Martin recounted.

Kennedy also had premonitions, but believed he couldn't be harmed, a medium who said she was in contact with JFK's spirit told Martin. "I saw the apparition of a nun moving towards me," Martin said of his own experiences seeing ghostlike phenomena. He was the first reporter on the scene at the infamous Amityville murders back in the 1970's and believes a number of people associated with the case were tainted with bad luck and untimely deaths, including himself.

Martin described how the night he came back home from the murder scene, he held a small kitten in his hands. The cat let out a small sound and suddenly died. Later Martin's wife was killed in an auto accident as he was about to tape an interview about the Amityville case. Martin believes that the demonic possession explanation behind the murders was a hoax, but that it somehow opened up a negative vortex for evil energy to affect those involved in the case.

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