Stargates & Blue Stones

Stargates & Blue Stones


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsWilliam Henry

"Astrologically speaking, it's like going to Vegas and seeing nothing but 7's on the slot machines," said Wednesday's guest, investigative mythologist William Henry about the upcoming Harmonic Concordance. This coming weekend, when the concordance occurs (six planetary bodies lining up to form a Star of David), Henry suggested focusing your intention on bringing this energy in.

Saddam Hussein, according to some reports, may have occult powers from blue stones that he wears or has embedded on him. Henry believes these blue stones could serve as a blood purifier and be a form of "exotic matter of which the stargates are composed." Further, he postulated that these stargates or time machines could enable "interphasic" travel (stemming from within) and the human body, as alluded to in various ancient world cultures, is ultimately a vessel for the blue stones.

Henry also touched on the "quantum entanglement" crop circle at Chibolton, suggesting that it may depict our universe itself. Speaking of the ancient Oracles, he said their knowledge has been retooled by 2lst century scientists, to include "genes, bits, neurons, and atoms," which will allow humans to "literally create a second skin."

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