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    Live from KHVH in Hawaii, George hosted an evening of "Full Moon Friday" Open Lines during the last half of the show, which featured several frightening ghost stories. Anna from Pennsylvania recounted the time she heard loud, banging sounds in a house she was renting. A neighbor revealed to her that the previous occupant had fallen and died in the attic. The caller believes the ghost of the deceased woman made the noises in order to be noticed. Anna said she moved from that house because she couldn't sleep. Now she always asks if somebody has ever died in a house before she moves in.

    A caller from New York said his mother, a realtor, unknowingly bought the 'Amityville Horror' house, where they lived for two months. Strange things that happened to his family while living there included: his pet cat dying, slamming doors, and his little brother getting and remaining sick until they moved out.

    Rachel in North Dakota described an encounter with a ghostly black Labrador near her nephew's gravesite. She said the dog disappeared into a "foggy mist," and when she checked the ground where it sat, discovered it was very warm despite the outside temperature being a mere 20-degrees. Another caller said he saw a ghost in his hallway and has been previously "punched and smacked" by this ghost.

    Haunted Hollywood

    During the first half hour, author and publisher William A. Gordon discussed his book, The Ultimate Hollywood Tour Book, which details self-guided tours of famous film/TV locations, celebrity homes, and sites of infamous Hollywood scandals, murders and suicides. Gordon shared one story about the ghost of Marilyn Monroe. According to witnesses, Monroe's ghostly image appears in a mirror she frequently used at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. Gordon also mentioned Ozzie Nelson's haunted Hollywood home, as well as "The Witch's Cottage," a strange dwelling that resembles the storybook cottage from Hansel and Gretel.

    Space Patrol

    In the second hour, author Jean-Noel Bassior, talked about her book Space Patrol, which chronicles the early sci-fi TV series. Space Patrol was a live "space opera" broadcast by a local Los Angeles TV station in 1950. The 15-minute daily serial was eventually picked up by ABC and turned into a weekend half-hour show. Each episode viewers were treated to another adventure of Commander Buzz Corey and the crew of the spaceship Terra, as they fought for interplanetary justice in the 30th century.

    Bassior admitted a "psychic experience" led her to track down the Space Patrol cast, and credits Lyn Osborn's (Cadet Happy) spirit for providing the motivation to write the book. Bassior said the heroism of the show's characters inspired her as a youth and taught her to be compassionate. Listen to the famous Space Patrol intro performed by veteran announcer Dick Tufeld (the voice of the robot in Lost in Space): Win

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