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Phobic Phone Calls

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Date Host George Noory
Guests Open Lines, Helen Littrell, Jean Bilodeaux

George hosted an evening of Open Lines that featured a "phobia hotline" for people with a strong fear of a specific thing or situation. Heather from Salt Lake City Utah said she has feared spiders ever since she watched her father crush a tarantula when she was a child. A caller from Albuquerque said he became claustrophobic after being locked in an abandoned reach-in freezer for several hours. Since then, he claims he cannot ride in elevators and suffers from debilitating panic attacks. Another caller admitted to being afraid of balloons. She recalled being lured by her older sister into their basement, where the sister turned off the lights and began jumping on balloons. Now the caller cannot even be in the same room with balloons, she explained.

Throughout the show, several listeners phoned in to wish George a happy birthday, including Richard C. Hoagland of Enterprise Mission, and 'Marilyn Monroe,' who offered up a rather breathy version of "Happy Birthday, Mr. President." Musician Cindy Lora also called in to sing "Happy Birthday" to George.

Human-Alien Hybrid

In the first hour, authors Helen Littrell and Jean Bilodeaux (book) shared the unusual and purportedly true account of a human-alien hybrid named Raechel. Littrell claims she first came to meet Raechel after her blind daughter, Marisa, called and described her new roommate's strange behavior. According to Bilodeaux and Littrell, Raechel seemed to have no past, spoke with odd vocal inflections, and ate a special diet that was delivered to her home by mysterious officials. Raechel also wore a scarf tied around her head and dark sunglasses, Littrell explained, recalling the time Raechel's glasses shifted enough to reveal large, slanted, light-green eyes with vertical black slits in the place of round pupils.

Bilodeaux said further background to the Raechel story was revealed during Littrell's regression therapy sessions with Dr. June Steiner, where she learned about the government's "Humanization Project" -- an attempt to integrate alien beings into human society. Littrell also recalled being taken to a secret base in Nevada by Raechel's father, an Air Force Colonel involved in the Project. Littrell said Raechel simply vanished one day, leaving only a note for her roommate Marisa and, as Littrell believes, somehow giving her daughter the gift of better sight.

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