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During Friday night's Open Lines, George offered a "weird hotline" for people with bizarre stories to tell. Ken from St. Louis recalled seeing his distant half-brother in a dream minutes before he passed away. Another caller remembered the time he was using a Ouija board with his landlord, and the board spelled out the name of her deceased husband (Mortimer). The caller also described his landlord's pantry, which was infested with "thousands upon thousands" of cockroaches.

Steven from Kentucky shared a strange experience that changed his life. While looking for ginseng in a wooded gorge, Steven said he became lost and got out his compass to regain his bearings. The compass needles started spinning, Steven explained, and soon he felt a jolt inside his arm. Since then, Steven said his artistic abilities have increased significantly. He is now able to draw, play guitar, and is intuitive.

Daniel from Los Angeles believes he encountered a Leprechaun, which he described as "demon trickster angels from hell," in a steam room at his gym. He said the man in question had red hair, a pointed nose and chin, a goatee, and played Irish jigs on a harmonica. Daniel said the man asked him if he knew one of the songs he had played and then invited him to take a "tour of hell."

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In honor of Art Bell's 60th birthday, the first hour of Friday's show featured special guest call-ins who shared stories and sent Art their Happy Birthday wishes. Dr. Roger Leir said Art has made a "huge contribution to human knowledge on this planet." Linda Moulton Howe recalled her days working with Art on Dreamland and Coast, and said he "taught her to love radio." Evelyn Paglini called Art a "beacon of light in the darkness." Dannion Brinkley credited Art with saving his life, introducing him to his wife, and teaching him about the power of prayer. Other guest call-ins included Sean David Morton, Major Ed Dames, Richard Hoagland, and Alan Corbeth. George also read a letter submitted by Michio Kaku.

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