Strange Things in the Night

Strange Things in the Night


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsOpen Lines, Dr. Morgus

During Open Lines, George offered a 'strange things that happen in the night' hotline. A hospital worker from Texas shared a story about the ghost of a little girl who supposedly roams the emergency room where he works. According to the caller, the hospital is home to some strange occurrences, including sliding doors that appear to be pushed outward by an unseen force and a television set that automatically tunes to the Cartoon Network.

Keith from Virginia recounted the time he was camping out with friends and saw a UFO floating above a cornfield about 20 to 30 feet away from them. Keith said the mysterious object was saucer-shaped with blinking red, blue, yellow and white lights, and vanished as soon as he saw it. Mike, a harmonica player and Civil War reenactment hobbyist, remembered hearing ghostly violin music while on the field during a particular reenactment, though the one fiddle player present had not yet unpacked his violin. After talking to Mike, George asked other harmonica players to phone in and play for him.

Dr. Morgus on Global Warming

In the first hour, George was joined by mad scientist and TV horror host Dr. Morgus, who warned that Earth is a "universal Titanic" sailing to its destruction by global warming. His creative solution to the problem involves reducing the physical size of human beings so that they produce less greenhouse gases and consume less of the planet's resources. According to Morgus, shrinking humanity would allow 2,000 3-ft tall people to fit aboard a 747 jumbo jet (instead of 400 or so regular-sized passengers). The 'Higher Order' has worked it all out, Morgus concluded.

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