Ancient Weapons & Stargates

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Ancient Weapons & Stargates


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    Investigative mythologist William Henry discussed his latest research into ancient technology and weapons of mass destruction. Henry said the Ark of the Covenant was used by the Israelites as a weapon and was responsible for as many as 65,000 deaths. This biblical object contained the two tablets of the Law, he explained, which may have been radioactive. As evidence, Henry said Hebrew priests wore protective clothing when near the Ark and anyone who touched the holy container died.

    He suggested humans may have been given weapons of mass destruction by alien beings, who traveled from other dimensions to our realm through gateways, or stargates. According to Henry, ancient stargates allowed individuals to enter a mysterious dimension known by the Egyptians as the 'Field of the Blessed.' Depictions of the Egyptian god Ra show him using the stargate-like 'Ark of the Millions of Years' to sail throughout the universe, Henry noted, pointing out its similarity to physicist Stephen Hawking's description of a wormhole.

    Henry talked about the Spear of Destiny, which tradition holds as the actual spear that pierced the side of Christ while he was hanging on the cross. Henry believes the true Spear of Destiny may have been a structure, or device, that could open gateways. He claimed Nazi SS Chief Heinrich Himmler as well as Saddam Hussein constructed their own Spears of Destiny, modeled after ancient designs. He also said Nashville, TN is home to a 2,200 ft 'Magician's Rod' that is similar in structure to Himmler's Spear of Destiny.

    Henry believes that modern humans are in a developmental "pupa stage" and the world's traditional religions are "stepping stones to lead us to the stars." Once we transcend religion, he said, humanity will gain a galactic perspective that will open up a "universal code of understanding." Henry further speculated that embedded within our DNA are instructions for making a transition that will allow us to interface with stargates and to achieve powers ascribed to gods.

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