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Extreme Climate Changes

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Date Host Art Bell
Guests Whitley Strieber

Filling in for George, Art Bell welcomed author Whitley Strieber for a discussion about climate change. Weather extremes are epidemic around the world, said Whitley, who recounted such recent events as the Northwest storms, both drought and storms in Australia, a winter tornado in New Orleans, an October snowstorm in Buffalo, and warm winter temps in Europe. Our climate has become no longer predictable, he declared.

The Antarctic ice sheets are unstable and Greenland is melting, he continued, and leading to further possible havoc for North America and Europe is the possibility of more of the Gulf Stream currents stopping. Strieber presented patterns of the past for clues as to what is happening today. 13,000 years ago, the Laurentian glacier melted in a matter of days, with "trillions of gallons pouring into the Gulf of Mexico," he said. Drawing connections with a supernova that occurred 150 light years away, this exploding star sent out radiation traveling at nearly the speed of light, and living creatures could have died instantly from being bombarded with iron particles, he suggested.

Strieber also touched on ufology, discussing a possible UFO crash in South Africa and a spate of emails that he'd received in which people described seeing "gateways" opening.

The Area 51 Pilot

During the first hour, Art replayed a classic excerpt from 4/1/97, featuring a caller who claimed to be a pilot who was in the process of flying into Area 51. He described seeing the super-secret facility, but the call abruptly ended when he clamored "they're shooting at me now."

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