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Global Warming Blunder


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    Research scientist Roy Spencer discussed evidence that recent warming is not the fault of humans, but the result of natural cycles that have been causing periods of warming and cooling for millennia. While there is scientific consensus that humans have caused more CO2 in the atmosphere-- this does not directly lead to global warming. But many scientists have concluded that this increased C02 will have an indirect effect on clouds, and this change in clouds will greatly amplify global warming and lead to a possibly catastrophic problem. Spencer believes these researchers have made a fundamental mistake in their conclusions and climate models.

    "They have mixed up cause and effect when they've looked at how clouds vary with temperature," he said. They've ignored causation in one direction in climate research, Spencer continued, and "rather than Al Gore's Armageddon, it could well be that man-made global warming ends up being lost in the noise of climate variability."

    The United Nations has spearheaded the effort to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and "I view this as largely a political exercise," he commented. The threat of man-made global warming is a "convenient excuse for the UN to do what comes naturally to them, which is gaining more control over international commerce and business affairs of the world," he noted. Spencer also talked about meteorolgy and the business of weather prediction.

    Reaction to Hawking's Warning on Aliens

    First hour guest, author Whitley Strieber reacted to Stephen Hawking's warning about trying to make alien contact. "The scientific community doesn't have a clue about what is actually going on," and here we have one of our leading scientists talking as if we've never been visited, Strieber commented, citing the work of Dr. Roger Leir's implant removals as just one example of evidence for ET interactions.


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