Reincarnation and Past Lives

Reincarnation and Past Lives


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsM.J. Rose, William Henry, Dr. Marvin Hausman

In the latter half of the show, author M.J. Rose discussed her extensive research into reincarnation, its religious and historical roots, and connection to fragrances. The work of psychologist Dr. Ian Stevenson in the field was groundbreaking, and he discovered that in countries such as India the idea of reincarnation was far more accepted than in America. Yet surprisingly, in recent years, 25% of people in the US believe in reincarnation regardless of their religious affiliation, she noted. Individuals tend to reincarnate in "soul circles" (typically family members), people that you've been with before, in order to work out your karma with them, she explained. People may have multiple soul mates, but sometimes soul mates are not meant to be together, she has found.

Rose detailed fascinating connections of fragrance and perfumes to past lives. Ancient and modern monks have used incense as a way to access deep meditation and previous incarnations, she said. Fragrance played an important role in ancient Egyptian religion (Cleopatra, who believed in reincarnation, had a perfume factory), and some scents such as Blue Lilly were thought to put people in a trance. Rose worked with a perfumer to develop a special scent, Ames Soeurs (Soul Mates in French) inspired by her latest work, The Book of Lost Fragrances.

Radiation Tainted Tuna

First hour guest, Dr. Marvin Hausman reported on radiation tainted tuna that has migrated from Japan to the shores of the West Coast of the United States. Some 11 tons of radioactive waste have been released from the Fukushima plant into the Japanese shores, so this may be just the beginning of more contamination arriving, he commented. Dr. Hausman also talked about certain amino acids such as ergothioneine which can neutralize radiation effects and could be considered a "master antioxidant."

Ark & Stargates

In the second hour, investigative mythologist William Henry spoke about Iran's obsession with the Ark of the Covenant, which some consider the most mysterious object in human history. Given to Moses at Mount Sinai, the object has been traditionally thought of as a gold box, which possibly served as an oracle or portal, and was lost around 600 BC. Since then, it has been traced or associated with various parts of the world. He also discussed stargates, which could be interdimensional transportation systems. Mayan end time symbolism depicts a 'cosmic tunnel' linking Earth and Heaven, and they believed that advanced beings inhabited the center of our Milky Way galaxy, he noted, adding that it's been postulated that a Type 3 civilization could live inside a black hole in the galactic center.

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