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Bitcoin/ The Watchers

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In the first half of the program, reporter David Seaman discussed the latest developments surrounding the digital currency Bitcoin. "This has never happened before in human history," he marveled, "where people have created a major currency without the backing of a state." He detailed how Bitcoin differs from traditional currency models in that there is a limit of 21 million units of which there are currently only 12 to 13 million in circulation. Blocks of 25 Bitcoins, he said, are created every 10 minutes via a process called 'mining,' where advanced computers solve complex mathematical problems and are rewarded with new units. According to Seaman, this system was designed to mimic the mining of precious metals as a way of increasing the perceived value of the Bitcoins.

Seaman suggested that the value of Bitcoins will continue to grow as major retailers begin to accept the currency as a form of payment. Noting the resounding success seen by when they recently integrated Bitcoin, he surmised that, should Amazon or PayPal follow suit, the value of the units could grow exponentially. Additionally, he surmised that further economic unrest throughout the world may see people turning to Bitcoin as a more stable place to put their money, since it is not subject to government-caused inflation. To that end, Seaman declared that the ability of Bitcoin to weather the Chinese government's decision to restrict its usage was proof that "a decentralized global currency is more powerful than any one government's decision."


In the latter half, investigative mythologist William Henry talked about his new book, The Watchers: Lost Secrets of Ascension, Resurrection and Perfection. He explained that, according to the Bible and Dead Sea Scrolls, the Watchers were celestial entities which had the ability to change their composition from a "light being" into a physical body and used this skill to infiltrate human affairs in ancient times. While Henry acknowledged that this agenda has often been depicted by church leaders as evil, he contended that ancient texts suggest that the ability of the Watchers was seen in a more positive light as it also allowed humans to leave the physical realm and "congregate with the angels."

Henry put forward the theory that the Annunaki of Sumerian lore were actually the Watchers and that, rather that coming here in search of gold, they came to the planet to "reconnect Earth to a cosmic conduit" that links to a heavenly realm. As part of this plan, he said, the Watchers taught "the secrets of heaven" to ancient humans and instructed them how to transform into proverbial angels. Since such teachings would eliminate the power of religious institutions, he claimed, they have remained fiercely hidden by the 'powers that be' throughout time and, ultimately, are "the most closely guarded secrets of all human kind." Over the course of his appearance, Henry also reflected on how the potential integration of technology into the human body may have dire consequences for the spiritual purity of the species.

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