Gef the Talking Mongoose & Lurancy Vennum's Possession

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Date Host George Noory
Guests Jay Hansen, Open Lines

Researcher Jay Hansen has been an avid student of the paranormal since he was seven years old. Over the years, he has examined virtually all aspects of the strange and supernatural. Hansen shared some of the bizarre stories he's uncovered, including Gef the Talking Mongoose and the possession of Lurancy Vennum.

In the fall of 1931, the Irving family saw what appeared to be a small weasel-like animal near their chicken coup, Hansen reported, noting how the chickens did not get spooked by the encounter. The creature eventually made his way into the Irving's farmhouse where he could be heard moving around behind the walls, he continued. According to Hansen, Gef learned how to imitate other animals, recite nursery rhymes, sing hymns, and regularly conversed with the family. He could be quite menacing too, telling the Irvings he could kill them all if he wanted, Hansen revealed. When the family moved their daughter from her room the talking mongoose supposedly threatened, "I'll get to her wherever you put her," he added.

An investigator sent in by parapsychologist Harry Price witnessed a picture frame fly toward him and smash at his feet, Hansen said. He compared the tale of Gef to the story of the Bell Witch, as both accounts involved unusual animal sightings followed by poltergeist activity. Hansen also talked about a nineteenth century woman named Lurancy Vennum, who suffered from seizure states which allowed other personalities, such as an old woman named Katrina Hogan and a young man named Willie Canning, to speak through her body. A hypnosis session revealed Vennum would often allow herself to be possessed by the soul of a young deceased woman, Mary Roff.

Open Lines followed in the second half of the program.

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