Planetary Change/ Double Earths

Planetary Change/ Double Earths


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsPeter Ward, Brooks Agnew

In the first half, author and biology professor Peter Ward discussed planetary issues including climate change, melting ice caps, dying oceans, and the impact of asteroids. He just finished a paper for NASA on the effect of the second largest asteroid to hit the planet in the last 500 million years-- a huge impact crater in Lake Manicouagan in Canada from around 215 million years ago runs 50 miles across. Ironically, this impact created the conditions for the dinosaurs to flourish on Earth, only for them to be wiped out by the effects of a subsequent asteroid millions of years later, he detailed. The biggest problem we face from a medium sized asteroid is the food crop loss after impact, he added.

Regarding climate change, we are seeing storms getting bigger and more violent-- which is a prediction of global warming, Ward cited. We're currently seeing huge blooms of jellyfish in the oceans, which may be due to overfishing of large fish, or various climate factors, he noted. Ward believes human population growth can't be contained for at least the next century, and because of this, he's concerned about enormous famines and great human die-offs. Evolution may also develop predators that will increasingly attack humans-- such as new types of crows, he conjectured. While Mars may have encountered some calamities to lose its atmosphere, Ward suggested that the really interesting question is what happened to Venus-- a planet that was at one time much more Earth-like than Mars.


In the latter half, electrical engineer Brooks Agnew spoke about his theory that the Earth is really two planets, one very high frequency, and one low frequency, occupying the same space. "It turns out what the ancients were trying to tell us is that Earth is actually made up of two planets-- one 6,000 years old, and the other 4.5 billion years old. And these two Earths are of different energy the scriptures, they're called the Spirit Earth and a Temporal Earth," he explained. When the two planets merged, it was a terrible cataclysm with a massive flood, and afterward, the races of both worlds merged together, he continued.

Agnew, who explores this theory in his new novel Bearth, said that just as people leave their body when they die, so it will happen with the planet Earth, and humans will have to choose which world they want to go with. He cited "signs and wonders" occurring, such as quakes in unlikely places indicating that we may be nearing the time when this split will take place. Agnew also shared an update on his business developing an electric pickup truck/fleet (EV-Fleet).

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