Time Travel & Ascension/ Fighting Jihad

Hosted byRichard Syrett

Time Travel & Ascension/ Fighting Jihad

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Joining Richard Syrett in the first half of the show, journalist Bob Mitchell and multi-dimensional 'time traveler' Jason Quitt discussed otherworldly and dimensional realities. Quitt recalled how fighting to wake from episodes of sleep paralysis in his early twenties gave him the ability to have out of body experiences. "Different beings would come to me at night and literally reach in my body, pull me out of my body, and take me to different locations which I'm assuming is the future," he said. Quitt described seeing scenes of a red sky and scorched planet, a prison camp where children were run over by tanks, and a future in the year 2700 dominated by artificial intelligence.

"When [Jason is] having these astral experiences... it's a real event taking place in real time for him," Mitchell revealed. Quitt estimated about 95% of his encounters are extra-dimensional and happen while he is out of body. Mitchell suggested many of the alien abduction accounts he has researched are happening in the astral plane. Abductees often do not recall seeing their bodies, so it could be their consciousness is being taken to another dimension, he noted. Mitchell announced his forthcoming project with Quitt, "Disclosed: The Chronicles of John Titor II," as well as his own healing experience with Quitt's crystal collection. "Every time we go out to these conventions I experience things that I can't explain so I know what [Jason is] talking about is actually real," he said. Jason has been incarnated on Earth to help raise the consciousness of the planet, Mitchell added.


In the latter half, counterinsurgency expert Sebastian Gorka outlined how America can decisively win the war on terror. Gorka commented on the French PM's recent 'France will have to live with terrorism' comment, noting it shows a lack of leadership. "The Western world has lost the kind of spine and backbone in our leaders that is required to prosecute and defeat groups like the Islamic State," he said. According to Gorka, we are hostages to a political elite which holds the wrong world view and has misdiagnosed the nature of the threat. Both republican and democrat politicians do not understand the transcendental nature of religion, or that jihadist groups are absolutely committed to killing others in the name of their creator, he explained.

Likewise, many of these politicians misdiagnose where terrorism comes from, believing its root causes stem from poverty and a lack of education, he continued. "This war is... a function of who we are and why the enemy rejects our values and wishes to destroy us," Gorka suggested. The fight between American and jihadis has been going on for centuries, he revealed, citing Thomas Jefferson's response to the Barbary pirates. This violence is not a function of America's foreign policy, but rather part of jihadist doctrine which calls for infidels to be killed or made slaves, he reported. Gorka thinks the way to victory lay in delegitimizing the enemy in the eyes of its followers, a strategy that won the Cold War.

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