Harmful Technology/ Finding Bliss

Harmful Technology/ Finding Bliss


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsJason Bawden-Smith, Moneeka Sawyer

Entrepreneur and environmental scientist Jason Bawden-Smith discussed the harmful effects of living in a technologically connected world and offered practical measures that people can take to protect themselves and their families. He suggested that many diseases and ailments are related to exposure to EMF (electromagnetic fields), artificial lighting, and other forms of electronic pollution, which can affect the cell's mitochondria over time, and cause stresses on the body. Early signs of problems include ringing in the ears (tinnitus), brain fog, and heart palpitations or arrhythmia, he cited. Artificial light and "blue light" from digital screens are one of the bigger culprits, as they disrupt circadian rhythms and can increase risk of depression, he argued. People aren't spending enough time outside, and getting sunlight exposure which has natural healing properties, he added.

Also taking a toll on physical health is our immersion into the world of wireless transmissions such as WIFI and Bluetooth, which are becoming ever more present, he noted, with the increased rollout of smart meters and appliances connected to the Internet. In order to protect ourselves, we should reconnect back with nature, as well as minimize EMF exposure such as by eliminating a WIFI router from one's home, he recommended. Regarding cell phones, Bawden-Smith said to keep them out of the bedroom when sleeping, and put them in "Airplane Mode" when not in use. He announced a new online education platform to start in 2017 called EMF Warriors for people to learn more about these issues.


In the second half, life coach Moneeka Sawyer discussed how she got in touch with her own bliss, and how people on a practical level can choose to experience joy and contentment in their lives. While external or material things can support contentment if you're already happy, they don't generate happiness on their own, as that comes from a person's mental state, she explained. Individuals sometimes hold on to negativity, but "bliss is our birthright," she said, adding that even those dying of a terminal disease can be happy about the life experiences they got to share with the people they love.

The holidays for many people can be stressful or depressing because they have high expectations that may not be fulfilled. Instead, if they did some kind of service or volunteering, such as serving food in a shelter, it can help them be grateful for what they have, as well as create a positive feeling by doing good for others, she detailed. Sawyer also cited the use of movement such as dancing, walking, and yoga as a way to keep the body healthy and maintain bliss.

News segment guests: John Curtis, Steve Kates

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