Space Exploration/ Angels & Transhumanism

Space Exploration/ Angels & Transhumanism


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsLeonard David, William Henry

In the first half, longtime space journalist Leonard David spoke about the history of space exploration and current efforts, including the growth of private companies. He also touched on NASA's agenda, Mars missions, and his beliefs regarding UFOs. The robotic rovers on Mars are doing a great job collecting data, though a human geologist on the planet's surface could gather information much quicker, he noted. Regarding the Challenger disaster (1986), he recalled watching the liftoff, and thinking there was something that didn't sound right when the spacecraft took off. With the Columbia space shuttle disaster (2003), he believes there were early warnings in orbit of the problem, and the full story has yet to be revealed.

Countries such as China are making strides that in some ways are surpassing the US in space exploration, he reported. China has plans to go to the moon next year, as well as the European Space Agency (ESA) which is considering a "lunar village," a type of permanent outpost. Some unidentified objects that people see in the skies could be classified craft and the CIA likes to use the UFO category as a cover for these types of projects, he explained. David admitted that he saw a "black triangle" in the San Diego skies, which seemed almost designed to make the viewer feel confused. Decades ago, he met the legendary ufologist J. Allen Hynek at a Washington DC TV studio, and he admired him as a researcher and scientist who viewed UFOs as a credible phenomenon.


In the latter half, investigative mythologist William Henry talked about ETs, angels, ascension technology, and transhumanism. He shared his reaction to learning via WikiLeaks that for several years he has been investigating the same extraterrestrial free energy device and aliens as the late Dr. Edgar Mitchell. According to Henry's research, over the past 3,500 years, extraordinary efforts have been made to find and or hide a kind of "resurrection machine," which corresponds with the free energy or zero point energy device that Mitchell's representative referenced in the email. Mitchell's rep also wrote about ETI (extraterrestrial intelligences) that are working directly with God, and Henry equated these with the Seraphim angels, beings of pure light and love that can take on human form and influence earthly activities.

The ancient Essenes believed that humans can transform into angels, he noted. Interestingly, Edgar Cayce spoke of their teachings years before the Dead Sea scrolls were discovered that validated these ideas, he pointed out. Henry also expressed concern about the direction of transhumanism, and how advanced technologies and AI are a kind of Trojan Horse to let tech companies assert more control over the populace. Henry will be conducting another trip to Egypt in February, which will include explorations of various temples and sacred sites, as well as special meditations.

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