Prophecy & the Eclipse/ Flying Humanoid Sightings

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Prophecy & the Eclipse/ Flying Humanoid Sightings

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John Hogue returned to update his prophecy alarm, particularly in relation to the solar eclipse across North America on Monday, August 21st. "There's an unusual association between eclipses they can disrupt earth and sea. They stimulate seismic/tsunami activity, and they also create, what I call, unconsciousness quakes," he said. One of Nostradamus' prophecies referred to the passage of an eclipse's shadow in 1999 over Europe, he detailed, and six days after this eclipse, a huge earthquake hit Turkey, right where the eclipse's shadow passed. Further serious quakes in the eclipse zone followed over the next two years.

There was a similar pattern after a great eclipse in 2009, and based on this, Hogue is very concerned about the United States, as the eclipse's shadow will travel over a number of seismic hotspots including the New Madrid fault, the Yellowstone caldera, and the Cascadia Subduction Zone. These reaction quakes can happen anywhere between 8 and 18 months after the event, he noted, and with a very large quake in the path of the shadow, it could be as long as five years afterward. He cited the prophetic writings of Ruth Montgomery, who compared America to Atlantis, and suggested a karmic connection between the two. The US, he warned, may be facing a similar lesson of destruction from natural disaster because of its "overweening hubris" stoked by military might.


Fortean and paranormal researcher Lon Strickler has written a number of books on unexplained, mysterious, and bizarre encounters. In the latter half, he discussed the 29 sightings this year in the Chicago area of a flying humanoid creature he calls the Chicago Phantom (view related map). In 2011, there were three sightings of a bat-like Mothman creature, and then things died down, but starting in April of 2017, reports started to kick in. In the first case, a woman saw a 7 ft. tall creature with glowing red eyes. As she was watching, it shot straight up into the air, unfurled its wings and took off, he recounted.

Most of the reports this year were similar to the way Mothman was described in the 1960s, and Strickler found the witnesses he spoke with to be credible, and sticking with their original story without embellishing. Additional sightings detailed an owl or bat-like creature, 6-7 ft. in height, with an 8-10 ft. wingspan, and the wings had a membrane. Strickler has concluded that there are probably three different types of flying humanoids that people are seeing, but he doesn't believe they are harbingers of doom in the way that Mothman was characterized. Further, he suspects they may be "extradimensional" in origin, but made of flesh and blood, and that they make themselves visible only to certain people.

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