US Earthquake Threats/ The Intuition Age

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US Earthquake Threats/ The Intuition Age

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In the first half, journalist and writer-in-residence for Green Mountain College, Kathryn Miles, discussed her journey across the U.S. in search of the truth about the threat of earthquakes. In a number of circumstances, human activity is creating conditions which could result in serious damage such as in states involved in fracking and oil extraction. Other types of building projects (such as the construction of Hoover Dam) have set off earthquakes over the years, and it's important to recognize the risks, she suggested. The US, unlike Mexico and Japan, doesn't have an early warning system (providing a 30-40 second advance notice), and surprisingly this short amount of time can actually save lives and damage, such as in stopping a train or diverting a plane.

There appears to be an intrinsic relationship between water and seismic activity, she reported. "You'll see an earthquake happen in say, Idaho and the water table levels and well levels will be affected in places like Hawaii and Puerto Rico," she cited. Some of the lower population states like Alaska are more at risk for earthquakes but in high density areas the damage will be more severe. For example, New York City, which is at risk of a quake, she continued, could suffer devastation from even a moderate earthquake. There are, in fact, some 2,100 fault lines in America that we know of, Miles pointed out, and unfortunately some of the ones that have been discovered in recent years run underneath nuclear power plants like Indian Point.


In the latter half, pioneer in the field of intuition development, Penney Peirce updated her work on the global shift from the Information Age to the Intuition Age. She also talked about her concept of becoming personally transparent. By allowing people to see your authentic self, and identify yourself as a soul, you become empowered, she explained, and this also brings about a new form of reality. Souls, she continued, don't understand fear, and or have the need to hide or lie. Part of the old perception or "opaque reality" is needing to having fixed ideas or beliefs that lock us in to a certain way of being, she added.

Intuition or direct knowing is something that we're all born with-- your body has knowledge from the field or aura around us, Peirce said, but in order to access this, you have to get away from left brain thinking (this is associated with one's internal dialogue or "monkey mind"). Usually when an intuition hits, it's an all over, all at once feeling, not a progressive one, she detailed. "I call it your truth signal-- sometimes people get chills down the arm...there are these subtle signals that we gloss over."

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