UFOs in the Bible

UFOs in the Bible


HostGeorge Knapp

GuestsBarry Downing, Kristen Willeumier, Paul Kingsbury

The Reverend Barry Downing adds scholarly weight to his theories regarding anomalous and miraculous events as portrayed in the Old and New Testaments including his research into UFOs. His latest book is his first in 49 years. In the second half of the program, Downing discussed biblical UFO revelations, and how many miraculous events described in the Bible compare favorably with an advanced technology being used to control and assist ancient mankind. Downing began by saying that "the more you look at the UFO situation, the more you realize that they could have started any religion they wanted to." He commented that he is generally vilified by conservatives for making blasphemous statements, and by liberals for being foolish enough to believe in UFOs, and that this must mean he is "doing something right."

Downing described the parting of the Red Sea as likely caused by a technology possessed by UFO occupants who were assisting the Hebrews in their exodus from Egypt, and that the "cloud" described in the Bible was perhaps an alien craft that "parted the waters by whatever antigravity system or power system they were using." He also discussed the Miracle of Fatima as a UFO event with a bright disc seen by thousands and a being inside of a ball of light, which compares favorably with many reports even today. Downing does not think that aliens are necessarily "evil," or demonic, since perhaps they "are only bad because it's from our point of view."


In the first hour, neuroscientist Dr. Kristen Willeumier described the effects of zero-G on the human body that causes a condition called "Vision Impairment and Intercranial Pressure Syndrome." When humans spend long periods (unusually months) in space, fluids in the body start to redistribute evenly rather than pulling downwards with gravity. This causes damage to the eyes and optic nerve as well as certain areas of the brain which are responsible for higher functions. She also discussed the newest findings in efforts to reduce or reverse the effects of continued brain trauma, such as that experienced by football players, and offered advice to listeners who want to enjoy healthy brain function well into their lives. She said that "the brain has an extraordinary operational capacity" and "we need to take really good care of this organ."

Dr. Paul Kingsbury is a Canadian professor who has spent years studying those who study the paranormal. In the second hour, Kingsbury discussed his findings about those who are interested in these subjects and his efforts to discover what drives them to search for the unknown. Kingsbury has attended many paranormal conferences and says that they are "primarily centers for learning and teaching," and a place where people can meet and "won’t be ridiculed." As an academic, he neither believes nor disbelieves many of the subjects he is studying, and added that there is a movement in academia to be more engaged in social sciences where people are the object of research. He has also attended conferences on ghosts, Bigfoot, and crop circles, as well as UFOs, and believes that these issues "have affected people’s lives and we need a public dialogue" rather than ridicule or ignorance.



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