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Contact with Unknown Intelligence

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Date Host Jimmy Church
Guests Steve Neill, Whitley Strieber

Visual effects artist Steve Neill joined guest host Jimmy Church (email) to discuss his lifelong experiences with an unknown intelligence, which he chronicled in his new TV series, But Something Is There. Neill recalled his first encounter at six years old, when he was awakened by an unnatural absolute silence. "All of a sudden these lights came through my bedroom window," he said, noting there was nowhere to hide from the lights. Neill admitted seeing a figure with a large head within the lights and being frightened by it.

After reading Whitley Strieber's Communion, Neill realized others have shared similar encounters. Strieber joined in the first hour to talk about Neill's TV series as well as his own strange experiences. Strieber remembered attending one of Neill's lectures and his ear implant turning on. "When that happens my ear turns red, I can hear a noise - it's very obvious when it turns on," he revealed, pointing out how the alien technology has become a very useful tool for him.

"Right about that same time, I also got an implant in my ear that gets hot, and my whole ear gets sore it actually hurts," Neill said. He recalled witnessing a UFO while on the phone with Strieber, getting harassed by G-men, military helicopters spying on him, and encounters he had as a child at his grandparents' house. "It was at my grandparents' house... there were a number of encounters, a number of visits during the night that I can dimly remember," Neill reported.

Strieber also commented on the contemporary portrayal of the Greys, which he helped popularize. "To capture that look the way that they come into you when you are face to face with them, it's not like looking at a person - it's like looking into something huge that happens to have a certain form," he said.



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