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Power of Intuition / Near Death Experiences

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In the first half, PR professional and intuition advocate Mary Ann Bohrer joined George Noory to discuss the power of listening to our own inner voice, particularly during times of uncertainty. She shared her findings based on her interviews with noted scientists, paranormal researchers, and 33 highly gifted intuitives from around the world. Intuition, she explained, can be accessed from "collaborators" on the spiritual plane such as guides or angels, who want to help us. This information is available to all of us, she continued, but we need to understand that it's coming from an outside source rather than our own egos. One has to realize they are worthy to receive this form of divine guidance, and that they don't need any special skills, she added.

These communications are not scary, Bohrer stated-- they are as simple as a thought and just a matter of asking for help, and letting it in. The current coronavirus crisis, with its focus on staying home, is encouraging people to look inward, she noted, as they are not so busy running around conducting their lives. "For me," she said, "there is such an enormous amount of power coming out of this," in which people can find solace during the pandemic by getting to know and trust their inner voice.


In the latter half, author, scholar, and scientist Kevin F. Montague talked about his two near-death experiences (NDEs) and his intense spiritual encounters and revelations. These experiences opened his mind to the way the world works as well as the science behind various medical and health issues. In his previous show appearance he described his first NDE, so in this interview, he focused more on the second one, which occurred to him at age 44. As he was physically dying, he saw a misty portal open up over the headboard of his bed, and he flew into it in an out-of-body state. He spoke with a figure he identified as Jesus, and saw a forest made of light, as well as a crystalline gold mansion.

Near the mansion, he spoke with children, one of whom turned out to be his sister, the miscarried child of his mother. Two angels, each around 12 ft.-tall, ushered Montague into the mansion, where he viewed a massive ballroom, kitchen, throne room, and a Hall of Records, which contained the book of his own life. After his heavenly encounters, Montague began to explore alternative health practices, particularly those incorporating light and electricity, such as developed by Robert Beck. Beck's magnetic pulse generator, he detailed, sends a field into the cells causing electrons to be released, which can destroy viruses.

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