Economy in the COVID Era / The Transhumanism Conspiracy

Economy in the COVID Era / The Transhumanism Conspiracy


HostGeorge Noory

Guests_ V, William Henry

"V" the Guerrilla Economist, has worked for some of the top commodity trading firms and investment banks. In the first half, he talked about the impact of COVID on the economy, and the great damage to various financial systems. Technocratic or New World Order elements have been looking to subjugate the population for some time, he commented, and they are using the pandemic as an excuse to erode citizens' rights. The lockdowns and business restrictions have been an overreaction to the actual health threat, V contended. One theory has even suggested that the six-foot social distancing has been implemented in order to improve satellite tracking and GPS telemetry used in surveillance of the population.

The 2008 collapse was a set-up to situate the economic world into the new digital age, V stated, as financial institutions were consolidated, fiber optic cable was laid out for high-frequency trading, and fiat currency began being phased out. In the COVID era, we're seeing the crushing of small businesses while corporations like Walmart and Amazon thrive. V believes that the rise of the stock market is propped up by lowered interest rates. He foresees the rates going to zero or even into a negative zone, as well as the instituting of universal basic income. According to V, the technocratic endgame is to create financial instruments or derivatives based on individuals' digital data, which can then be used for trade and carbon credits. As far as investments, he favors precious metals (the actual physical assets) and is also bullish on cryptocurrency.


In the latter half, authority on human spiritual transformation and ascension, William Henry, warned about a societal move toward transhumanism and merging our bodies with machines. He views the pandemic as a "planned dehumanization" by corporations and the powers-that-be so that the population can be herded into a digital or virtual realm. He cited the rise of avatars, and how digital companies are encouraging users to identify with an online cartoon version of themselves (one popular influencer, Lil Miquela, has a large following though many don't realize she is computer-generated). Henry considers the push toward digital selves to be a "demonic con."

The World Economic Forum and its founder Klaus Schwab have advocated for a Great Reset in the wake of COVID-19. Their ultimate goal, said Henry, "is to transform humans into cyborgs or transhumans in order to save the planet. They have used the excuse of climate change as a reason for completely revamping the human body, by packing it full of technology" [such as chip implants]. While Henry said he is all for treating the planet better, "turning people into mind-control puppets is not the answer." Companies like Facebook are suppressing free speech, and more focused on separating rather than uniting their users, he remarked. "It is a fact that Facebook is a surveillance company," he added, and it exploits users by "data mining their soul."

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